News: Compass Rose Consulting Sponsors The LADDER Summit

LADDER is an acronym for “Leadership & Development for Dynamic Economic Renewal”.

Compass Rose Consulting is proud to be a sponsor of the LADDER Summit.  Donna Price is also honored to be the facilitator and MC of the day.  The Summit is hosting many distinguished guests including: Dr. Chief Loren Ho Hep Ya Sekayumptewa (from the Hopi Nation, Dr. Loren has not spoken at an area chamber ever.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.)  Gautam Jain  esteemed leadership consultant.  John T Baier Managing Partner- New York Life Insurance Company, Carl Gould, author, speaker and small business expert and many other experts that will participate on the different expert panels.

Join the LADDER Summit on June 1st with Donna Price.  From here you are invited to click the member’s rate.

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