Joy The Movie: Lessons To Be Learned

Being the CEO — Is The Lesson I Saw.

Did you see the movie Joy?

I saw last week with my kids.  This isn’t really a review of the movie — we loved it!

But more along the lines of what I learned from the movie, as an entrepreneur, as a business coach and consultant.

I always look at events as opportunities for learning.

This was no different.

I have lessons that I have learned from biking across the country, or rock climbing on Outward Bound or adopting children…They all have taught me lessons that I carry with me every day.  I saw a powerful lesson that Joy learned in the movie. And what a great opportunity to learn as well.

For me, the turning point for Joy was the moment that she became the CEO.  She took charge.  She stopped just doing what other people told her to do and she took charge of her business and ultimately her success.  She learned what she needed to, to be the CEO.

Many small business owners, just like Joy, didn’t start off in business with CEO experience.  Some did, but most didn’t. In fact, most don’t even have management experience.

But that is really okay.  You can make it and you can make it BIG, just like she did.

Its not just a fantasy.  Although at times it can feel that way. It is a real opportunity that you have created to build your empire.

Joy never imagined the level of success she has achieved.  She started off solving a problem….you need to understand the problem that you solve.

She figured out how to get started and then after she was “ALL IN” she had to grow into her CEO hat FAST.

Wearing the CEO hat is the point where you DECIDE that you are going to make it and you are going to do what you need to do to do that.

You take charge — even of the consultants or advisers that you are working with.  Learn what you need to about YOUR business to ask the right questions, give the right directions, and drive your success.

What lessons have you gleaned from your life?  Or from a movie?  Leave your comments and let’s share the wisdom!


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