Internet Marketing for Everday Entrepreneurs

Internet Marketing is an essential part of business for every entrepreneur.  It keeps your business open 24/7, and that is a good thing.  But many entrepreneurs fail to see the how in Internet marketing for their own business. They are stuck in their existing paradigm and haven’t made the shift to see how their business fits into the Internet.  I mean beyond just a website.  That’s just a piece of Internet real estate, and much of the real estate on the Internet is not worth much.  But when you move into the new paradigm of bringing your business onto the Internet, then your online real estate has more value.


Web Presence Assessment:

Take a minute and assess your current web presence?  What does it look like right now?

  • Website
  • Sign-up Form on website
  • Free Gift
  • Use Auto-Responder
  • Write regularly on blog
  • Social Networking Profiles:
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Facebook Fan Page
    • Twitter
    • MySpace
    • Merchant Circle
    • FastPitchNetwork
    • Ecademy
    • Ryze
    • and the list goes on….
  • Article Marketing Strategy in place
  • Press Release Strategy in place
  • List building system
  • Follow up system

Building an effective marketing strategy both on and off line is essential.  Even if you are a street based retailer or service provider — you have to have an online strategy.

Each of these and many more things are taught in Bizology.Biz — the business building system.

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