Inspirational Topics

Donna offers a variety of inspirational topics that are great for businesses as well as more general audiences.  She draws from her personal journeys of transformation, challenge and living with intention.

Inspiration Topics in this area include:

  • Launching Your Dreams — Taking Your Dream Off The Shelf
  • Vision Boards:  Creating Your Life Vision
  • Emerging From the Fog

Inspiration 1Launching Your Dreams: How to Make WILD Ideas Happen!


Donna started riding with a bike club after not cycling for years.  Within a couple of weeks she had a new bike— a Bridgestone RBT, and a wild idea — to ride it across the country.  She started telling the people in the club that she was riding across the country and soon they were helping her train.  What started off as a wild idea turned into a cross country bike tour, with an international sponsor and an incredible story of perseverance, commitment and living boldly.

Learn how Donna lived the dream and didn’t  put it back on the shelf. Now a passionate touring cyclist, business success coach, Donna helps others to put their ideas into action.

Launching Your Dreams tells the story of Donna’s ride but also of the process that she has used to make ideas happen.  You will learn how to:

  • Realize your dreams
  • Put your ideas into action
  • Become the leader of your life
  • Keep your dreams in motion
  • Challenge obstacles that get in the way

We are all dreamers and we have each realized some of what we wanted, but for many there is that lingering day dream that sits untouched, waiting patiently to be remembered or ignited.  “Launching Your Dream” helps you to grab it and begin the journey of taking it off the shelf, getting it off the ground and into motion.  How does your life change – when you launch your dream?  And, why do you wait?  Is there a magical moment for dream launching or do we stand in our own way of making the things we want happen?

Donna shares techniques you can use to get yourself out of the way, to change the internal dialogue that holds you back and create a new empowering dialogue that propels you forward.

When Donna shares this book with your group, they WILL leave excited and inspired!

This is one EXTRAordinary book! There are many books on creating dreams in your life that I have read and I’ve even written a couple, and this book is an essential to read. It is simple, down to earth and gives you a process that gives you all the tools to really bring your dream into your life, in an easy, effortless, fun way. Simply said, I LOVE this book and know you’ll be inspired by it, as I was.
Terri Levine, Comprehensive Coaching U

Topics From Launching Your Dreams:

  • Cross Country Cycling
  • Bicycle Touring
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Creating a Clear and Compelling Vision
  • Quality Check & Values Compass
  • What Are The Qualities I Need To Move My Dream?
  • Getting Out of Your Own Way, How Do I Block My Own Dream Building?
  • Looking at Fear
  • Building Your  Advisory Team
  • Sharing Your Dream |  Getting People Involved
  • A Look At Being An Entrepreneur
  • The Four Pillars of Business Success
  • Creating Inspired Actions
  • Walking With Intention,  Living Boldly
  • Making it Happen
  • Building in Accountability
  • Leadership
  • Keys To Making Dreams Happen
  • Navigating  Change
  • Realizing Your Dreams  Change Your Life
  • Being a Life Long Dream-Builder

Dream Boards: Creating Your Life Vision

Creating a vision board is fun, experiential workshop.  Vision boards, while inspiring and exciting, don’t just happen.  The process of sharing the vision during the workshop gets each participant started on realizing their dreams.

Emerging From The Fog

This presentation is based on Donna’s story of healing and recovery after the loss of a child.  Parents that have experienced the loss of a child know that there is nothing that compares. Her book: Emerging From The Fog is due out in the Fall of 2017.  It shares her story, but also the tools that she and her husband used to move through grief and out of the fog.