Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Do You Need a Solid Business Growth Plan to do it?

Womenpreneurs are gathering to grow their businesses to the next level, to tackle the challenges together, and find the solutions that will IMPACT the world.

The Visionary Womenpreneurs Mastermind is designed to give women business leaders a space to gather with like-minded womenpreneurs to focus on business growth, personal leadership and community impact. When women gather in circle – magical things begin to happen. 


Whether the circle is in person or in our virtual circle space – that magic becomes powerful—having real-world impact.For centuries women have gathered [in circles] to quilt, to knit, to study, to share — and what results are intense friendships, collaborations and inspiration. 

Coaching & Consulting

Group and Individual Coaching with Chief Visionary Officer, Business Growth Expert & Marketing Strategist

Donna Lynn Price. 

You choose the right level of coaching for you -- from none, to group to unlimited.


Gathering twice monthly to make things happen in your business, with your dream and vision, to get off the roller coaster and change outcomes. Our monthly Make It Happen call is all about taking action, and the Profitability Acceleration call is all about strategies for growth.

Online Learning Portal

I provide a comprehensive learning center filled with how to videos, templates, done for you marketing, checklists, action plans and more. We DO NOT use our LIVE coaching sessions to teach basics.

Strategic Planning 

Businesses that have a PLAN accomplish MORE than business that FAIL to plan. When you set a plan and share it with others, you will produce more results than when you are doing it all on your own.

Women Are Changing The World

Women business leaders are impacting the world. When women open their own business -- they hire people, they feed their families, they share their success, they impact their communities. Succeeding as a womanpreneur CHANGES our whole world!!

Did you know: As of 2016, it is estimated that there are now 11.3 million(11,313,900) women-owned businesses in the United States, employing nearly 9 million people (8,976,100) and generating over $1.6 trillion ($1,622,763,800,000) in revenues. There are a lot of us. Women in business – working to support our families and with success – contributing to our communities, with consciousness – reaching beyond ourselves and into the world to create --- cascades of prosperity. 


We truly have the ability to change the world! 

The Mastermind gathers women together to help each

woman create her success.

The Idea....

An Mastermind -- a business growth group for women, with women, championing womenpreneurs!


Let me start by telling you a bit about the mastermind. The framework of this group work is a circle. Women naturally are collaborative, caring and want to help others succeed.  Women have gathered in circles for centuries. They have gathered to knit, to quilt, to study, to talk, to cook – circles have been powerful places for women to share, connect and grow. That is exactly how I see the Mastermind. Most small business leaders don’t have a board, or partners or anyone to bounce ideas off, or get valuable feedback from.  This provides that and more.

The Mastermind offers you just that, a group or circle of women that are your colleagues and can provide you with feedback, ideas, input, and more. Be there for you when you need support, challenge you when you need to be challenged….and so much more.I love circles. When you meet in a circle, everyone is equal. Everyone has a voice and a place in the circle. It is different from our typical way of operating, honoring each person in the circle, each person’s contribution, creating space for everyone to have a voice and be heard.  


The Mastermind is a group of women business leaders that want to grow their businesses and make a bigger impact in the world. We gather together in a circle (virtually) and focus on business growth, our vision, business strategy, impact, marketing and business operations. 

Six Focused Projects Each Year

We release a new project or workshop every other month focused on your growth....with the Growth Project -- Always available!

Action Focused

Dream Makers are action focused. They have a passion for their dream, the vision, mission and work with other womenpreneurs to be in massive action focused on growth and success. The Mastermind provides space to learn, collaborate and move into massive action.


Collaboration is at the heart of the Visionary Womenpreneurs! You KNOW that women are great collaborators.


Women working collaboratively can do amazing things. There are opportunities to help each other market and promote, create new strategies for business, joint venture. Collaborations can grow your business.

Amazing Women

When amazing women come together with a focused mission, then the ony thing that can happen is success!! Imagine, being part of a group of amazing womenpreneurs that each have a passion for business passion for growth and YOU benefit from that energy & commitment. 

Relationship Building

The Mastermind  is all about relationships: connecting, sharing, learning, growing... When you are a Womenpreneur building relationships is key. 


Relationships are the key to business -- customer relationships, prospect relationships and colleague relationships.


Making meaningful connections helps each business leader build their business.

Impacting the World

When women succeed in business it starts impacting the world.


And then we go beyond that to help you look at your business model and determine if you can have a bigger impact with a model that supports work in your community for a cause that is important to you or beyond that into the country or the world. Here at Compass Rose Consulting we support Women & Girls: We use some of our profits to support programs for providing micro loans to women both nationally and internationally.

The mission of the Visionary Womenpreneurs is to help each member create her success so that that success can cascade out into the world. Part of membership is an exploration of how to make a difference the world, how can you as an entrepreneur make a social impact. 


You see – my values statement has always included – social responsibility and the environment.  And I as I reviewed and revisited my company values I found that these are two areas that are really important to me and areas that I want to work in and help others work in. 


So, I am pulling those into the conversation here in the Womenpreneurs in a few ways.   

Big companies are being challenged by consumers to be environmentally and socially responsible. I know we try to buy fair trade chocolate -- because chocolate is largely harvested by enslaved children. Big chocolate companies have been challenged by women to be more socially responsible and stop buying chocolate that uses slave labor or child labor. It has had a direct impact on the big chocolate company's bottom line. Guess what, they are moving in the direction of Fair-Trade Chocolate. People want quality but not at the expense of others. Our model at Compass Rose Consulting is to help women owned businesses directly and indirectly. 


So, what does that mean?  

CRC Impact 

We also offer memberships to women (survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking, war and conflict) to our programs. We never provide a full scholarship but usually 90% or 95% because we know that when people have some of their own money in the game, it increases each person’s potential for success. We also provide programs to non-profits at cost or in-kind. We further cascade out from Compass Rose Consulting providing micro-loans to women entrepreneurs.  


It becomes exciting to see the impact that cascades out with each successful woman entrepreneur. As we support more women with each membership here, we will be posting updates inside of our membership area so that YOU can see the impact that YOUR membership here is having – locally, nationally and internationally. YOU will be helping other women to start or grow their businesses, supporting their families and ultimately impacting their communities. You can see how the prosperity cascades get started.  

IMPACT: Environment 

The other area that we dive into is the environment and environmental responsibility.

The earth is our sacred living place. Caring for the earth provides us with a long-lasting place for our families and children. As women, that matters to us. Visionary Womenpreneurs has a focus on learning ways, as business owners we can each operate in earth friendly and sustainable ways. Membership in Green America is provided to members in their second quarter of membership. It is one of the ways that we encourage and support your learning and connection with other businesses that have green operating practices, some of them becoming potential vendors or clients for you.

Success Strategies

The Profitability Academy

Womenpreneurs Mastermind is designed to give you the tools and resources to grow your business and grow it big.I know that business is challenging. I have been working with small business owners and teams since 2003. I also believe that when you design a business that has an impact for good in the world that your business has more potential and greater sustainability than others.So, I am committed to helping women owned businesses master this in their businesses so that as a group we can make real differences in our communities and have that success cascade out through the world. When one woman succeeds, it impacts more than just that woman. It truly radiates out from her to her business vendors and clients, to her family, the community… the circles ripple out from her and move through the world.


The Womenpreneurs Mastermind Business Toolbox:  

Marketing Road Map

Immediately design your marketing road map using our mapping software. Inside the Academy you will design a road map that is focused on your top priorities for growth. The road map is focused on the five step profit formula:

  1. More leads
  2. More Conversions
  3. More Transactions
  4. Higher Pricing
  5. More Profits  
E-Learning Center 

The Profitability Academy is filled with step-by-step video training on any marketing strategy that might be a good fit for your business. With the Marketing Road Map you receive a personalized guide on where to focus and what strategies make sense.

Weekly Marketing Webinar

Every Tuesday we provide a marketing webinar for your learning. The webinar is offered twice each day in your time zone and gives you opportunities to explore different marketing ideas and approaches. 


The webinar is consistent with the five step profit formula and presents the Academy information randomly.

Business Foundations

Business Foundations are essential but many businesses need new customer acquisition strategies immediately. So, we provide a 52 week business foundations course, right inside the member's are. We send you a new e-lesson and video every single week to help you build a strong foundation for your business. 

Engaging & Empowering

Womenpreneurs engage with each other through our group program that meets virtually to give access to women worldwide. 


The Real Power of the Visionary Womenpreneurs: Are the LIVE Gatherings 

(at Mastermind level & above)

Make It Happen Calls

Making your plan happen can sometimes be the biggest challenge. The monthly Make It Happen call is designed to focus on your strategic plan and get it into action.

Profitability Accelerator Calls 

Every month we gather for an inspirational marketing training, designed to give you an opportunity to learn new marketing strategies based on our six projects & workshops and have a conversation about how to implement that strategy in your business. Every profitability accelerator call focuses on increasing revenue for your business.

Impact Calls

Every quarter we explore how to increase impact -- directly with clients and beyond into our communities and the world.

Women Business Leaders

Gathering together to collaborate, learn, support, mastermind and grow.... 

Compass Rose Consulting is launching a new business development group with just this focus! Womenpreneurs gathering in a virtual circle. These circles are powerful, collaborative, masterminds, that focus on entrepreneurial success through expanding mission, vision, knowledge and effectiveness. 

Visionary Womenpreneurs is designed to give you the tools and resources to grow your business and grow it big, with a socially and environmentally conscious strategy and approach. 

Is the Inner Circle for YOU?

It's easy to see if you should keep reading.... Ask yourself these four questions:



Am I a woman that is passionate about building a successful business? Do you love or want to love your business? 



Am I a woman that is collaborative, intelligent,

interested in growing my business AND helping other women to grow theirs? 

Am I a woman that is positive, ready to work, ready to make changes, ready to MAKE IT Bigger then I am right now! 
Am I a woman committed to making a difference in the world? 
Am I or do I want to be socially conscious and contributing to the world good?

If you said YES! I encourage you to keep reading..... 

You Are Invited to Join

Visionary Womenpreneurs


The business growth mastermind designed for Womenpreneurs world-wide 

Four levels designed to meet the different needs of each Womenpreneur. 


Connector Circle

Visionary Womenpreneurs Connectors is designed to bring you into the community with full access to our private online learning center and online community and at an accessible rate.

  • Business Development Program -The Profitability Academy is my proven business building program. It has helped businesses to thrive. You will receive a full access pass to all of the lessons within the Profitability Academy (Value $5000) 
  • Group Coaching Webinar with the Profitability Academy participate each Tuesday in a pre-recorded group coaching webinar. These are each powerful and can impact your results when put into ACTION. (Value $5000) 
  • Private Online Mastermind Community- In the Mastermind Community participant's will be able to ask questions, receive feedback, and connect with other entrepreneurs and business leaders. (The Value of a community is immeasurable and dependent upon your participation. I have found incredible value from the communities I have participated in. Our online community brings all of the circles together into one place. You will have a chance to meet other people in the online forum community, connect, collaborate and share. (Value: $1000)


  • Total program value >$11,000

The Inner Circle

Intensify your results with personal coaching support

The Inner Circle is designed for those womenpreneurs that want personal one on one coaching. Inner Circle members are VIP's s -- You can reach me, you have special access to me.


You receive everything included in Connector Level, plus:

  • Strategic Planning Session -- Best Year Yet Plan - you will have access to a four-hour strategic planning session with a coach and access to our Best Year Yet online tracking software. The power of Best Year Yet is in the follow-up.  Make It Happen Calls are truly what make this program so powerful. When you commit to doing something and come back to report on it, then you increase your actions and results follow. (Value $5000)
  • Make it Happen Calls -- These are fun. This is your chance to get LIVE coaching. Jump on the call and spend time talking about your challenge and receive coaching, feedback, ideas......
  • Accelerator Calls– Let’s talk marketing and business growth LIVE. I have designed 10 months of focused training that can transform your business. We get on a live webinar and I will show you the growth strategies that are working out there in the world. (Value $5000)
  • Six Focused Projects -- Access the Six Projects and Workshops: the Leadership Project, the Impact Project, the Book Writing & Publishing Workshop, the Community Membership Project and the Retreat Project.
  • IMPACT Calls – Quarterly we will gathering for special impact calls. Learn how to develop your business to increase it’s impact on the community and the world. (Value $750) 
  • TWO Individual Quick Start Calls- The first call is to review your Marketing Road Map and refine it and get it started. The second is to review your strategic plan, refine it and create your first monthly action plan. (Value $500) 


The total value of this Inner Circle Level program is --- in excess of $20,000+++


INNER CIRCLE Level: $398 per month $3,998 per year 


Unlimited Circle

With UNLIMITED you receive everything of the previous levels and intensify the access to a coach

Unlimited is for people that want full access and intensive support. You receive everything in each of the other program levels and unlimited individual coaching. Yes, unlimited individual coaching. You can have multiple 30 minute calls each week. Full access via email with a quick turnaround. 

You Create the results that you need and they are >

Results Unlimited With Impact Beyond YOU!

  • The Visionary Womenpreneurs Mastermind is designed to give you access to a successful business development program that will help you in building incredible results in your business. AND, if you decide to join the Gold, Purple or Rose levels you also will be building incredible relationships, collaborations and benefiting from masterminding, strategic planning and more…You determine the level that is right for you. 


Book your seat in this incredible opportunity to change your business and accelerate your results. Join the Visionary Womenpreneurs NOW! If you have been thinking whether you’ll really be making any gain out of The Visionary Womenpreneurs, there’s a list of benefits fleshed out from the entire spread, which you’re going to make love straightaway:


  • SIX Powerful Projects: The Leadership Project, The Book Writing & Publishing Workshop, The Impact Project, The Community Membership Project, The Retreat Project and the Growth Project (always accessible)
  • The Profitability Academy membership - a complete business building toolbox with
  • Monthly Profitability Accelerator Call with new marketing training LIVE each month with the latest tools and techniques that successful marketers use each day to get new clients quickly and easily
  • Best Year Yet Strategic Planning and online tracking software. The best strategic plan you can use to get you focused and keep you on track each day.
  • Make it Happen Calls - These mastermind calls are focused on YOUR success.
  • Personal Coaching and consulting each month that you are a member of the Inner Circle or Unlimited Circle.
  • New business relationships that have a value beyond measure 
  • New ideas from our trainings, resources and the collaborations that are a part of Visionary Womenpreneurs 


Every member receives access to some of our most recent trainings on Compass Rose Consulting.... 

These include courses as follows: 

These are each available individually on Compass Rose Consulting, but you will have access for free. Focus where you need, when you need it. Between these social media focused marketing strategies and the wealth of information available in the Profitability Academy and the Projects/Workshops and LIVE coaching calls -- you have what you need to grow your business, make your dream happen, and design the life you have enVisioned.

Choose Your Level of Engagement & Investment

Accessible for every Womanpreneur 




Connectors Join our online community and online learning Center: 


  • Profitability Academy Full Access
  • Marketing Road Map 
  • Weekly Marketing Webinar
  • Online Mastermind Community


Inner Circle



Inner Circle Members are adding coaching to their plan and receive all of the benefits of the Connector Group. 


  • Strategic Planning
  •  Twice Per Month Group Coaching Calls    




Unlimited Members are accelerating their results with intensive and unlimited personal coaching in addition to the benefits of the Mastermind and Connector Circles.


  • Unlimited Individual Coaching 
  • Unlimited Email Support   



The Decision is Yours...

This is by far the most exciting program I have ever put together.  I have had similar groups, but I am so excited to be working with women business leaders that are passionate about doing good in the world.  I want to see us increase the number of women owned businesses and the number that are succeeding. I am thrilled to be working in circle, in collaborative circles, because I know how powerful a process it is. 


I am excited to be creating cascades of prosperity that go beyond what I can imagine.You can see the value.  So, I am not going to go on and on…. (LOL). 

I am not offering a free trial – and this is why – these are live collaborative circles. It’s not fair to the people that are members to have people coming in and out. They have made a commitment to the program, to each other and to the circle. Membership takes commitment. People are depending on you. It can’t be a free trial.


I do want to eliminate the risks for you. So, I am making it completely risk free. I believe that if you show up and take action you will see changes in your business. I recommend that you commit to at least six months but a year is even better. IF after one full year of active participation you have not increased your income by at least 2x your investment, I will continue to provide coaching to you for FREE until you do. But this guarantee is up to you. If you do not take any action, nothing will change. I know that for sure! 


I cannot imagine being a part of a women's mastermind group and not being inspired to take massive action. I cannot image talking with women in the group, sharing my passion, and NOT seeing changes. Change doesn't just happen. You make it happen. 


I know that when women gather – there is an energy in the air that is inspiring and things happen. You are responsible for your results. I am giving you resources, connections and opportunities for growth. But you have to act upon them to have results. 


Results are unlimited…. If you move into BIG action! I promise to do my part!Now the next move is up to you. If you have read this page this far, it shows that you’re sincerely interested. I hope you are excited, like I am, about the real potential that you hold and the real possibilities of being a part of the Visionary Womenpreneurs.


Are you ready to supercharge your business, your wealth and your life in the way successful business-owners do? 


Make that most important life-changing decision today. Because tomorrow may be all too late!


To your success,


 Donna Price

Business & Marketing Strategist

Compass Rose Consulting


Author of multiple books including: Business Profit Breakthroughs; Yes! Marketing Works! and Launching Your Dreams: Making WILD Ideas Happen! 

Choose Your Level of Engagement & Investment

Accessible for every Womanpreneur 




Connectors Join our online community and online learning Center: 


  • Profitability Academy Full Access
  • Marketing Road Map 
  • Weekly Marketing Webinar
  • Online Mastermind Community


Inner Circle



Inner Circle Members are adding coaching to their plan and receive all of the benefits of the Connector Group.  

  • Strategic Planning  
  • Twice Per Month Group Coaching Calls    




Unlimited Members are accelerating their results with intensive and unlimited personal coaching in addition to the benefits of the Mastermind and Connector Circles.


  • Unlimited Individual Coaching 
  • Unlimited Email Support   



And... remember -->>there are BONUSES!

Every member receives access to some of our most recent trainings on Compass Rose Consulting.... 

These include courses (BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO) as follows:  

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