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Human Design 1Your Introduction to Human Design

What Is Human Design?

Human Design is a new, cutting-edge personality assessment tool.  It is a powerful synthesis of ancient wisdom & modern science.  Human Design uses your birth information to create a chart showing the energies & themes with which you were born.

What Is This Chart?Human Design 2

Understanding your chart is the first step towards discovering new truths & information about yourself.  Although nothing can take the place of a full Human Design Reading, this introductory reading can start you on a beautiful journey of self-discovery.

The Human Design Chart represents a snapshot look at your personality at the time of your birth.  In other words, it is a picture of some of the fixed personality characteristics with which you were born.

While the environment can work on your nature & affect it in many ways, certain characteristics will not change.  Although your position in the cycle of your life changes, your birth chart does not change over time.

Types & Strategies

When you look at your chart, you will see your type listed. There are five types in the Human Design system.  Each type has a specific strategy for making powerful decisions. Your type is determined by the definition in your chart.  Since your type determines your strategy, it is important that you learn about this feature of your design.

Your strategy comes from your type.  Strategy is the most important knowledge offered by your Human Design Chart. It gives you key information about how to operate in the world, how to make the right decisions for yourself & how to recognize when you are on the right path in life.

The five Human Design types & their strategies are:

  • Manifestors: Inform Before Your Act
  • Generators: Wait to respond
  • Manifesting Generators: Wait to Respond, Re-evaluate, Inform, Act
  • Projectors: Wait to Be Invited
  • Reflectors: Wait for 28 Days

Following your strategy offers you the opportunity to experience events & circumstances that are correct for you.  Not following the strategy for your type brings events & experiences into your life that may not be correct for you.

Understanding the types of other people in your life allows you to better understand them & improve your relationships.

Learning to follow your strategy effectively can take months or years of practice.  Think of beginning with Human Design as an opportunity to experiment.  It is a time to see if what you learn works when you apply it to your life.


Each type has a strategy associated with it & it also has a theme.  The theme is the out-of-balance state for that type.  When someone is not living by their strategy they will experience the theme energy.  People are often very familiar with these energies since they have not known how to live their correct strategy.

The five Human Design types & their themes are:

  • Manifestors: Anger
  • Generators: Frustration
  • Manifesting Generators: Frustration & Anger
  • Projectors: Bitterness
  • Reflectors: Disappointment

Centers, Open & Defined

Each of the nine centers is either colored or white.

The centers that are colored are called “defined”.  Defined Centers have fixed & consistent energy:  you have a specific way of processing that kind of energy in your life.  The energy of your definition will always be there for you & radiates out to impact others.

The white centers are called open or undefined.  When you have an open center it means that you don’t have a specific way of processing that energy.  Open Centers take in & amplify energy from the people around them.   The energy in Open Centers is inconsistent because it changes with the people who are around you.  Your experience & understanding of the energy of that center may be unlimited.  It can also feel more intense.

The Nine Centers

When you look at your chart you will notice that there are nine geometric shapes.  These shapes are called the centers.  Each center relates to specific areas of your life.

The centers in Human Design

  • The Head (the triangle at the top) is related to inspiration.
  • The Ajna (the triangle second from the top) is related to how you conceptualize information.
  • The Throat (the square below the ajna) is the center of communication.
  • The G-Center (the diamond in the center) is related to identity & direction.
  • The Will (the small triangle just below & to the right of the G-Center) is related to value & will power.
  • The Solar Plexus (the triangle furthest to the right) is related to emotions.
  • The Spleen Center (the triangle furthest to the left) is related to time, intuition & immune system.
  • The Sacral Center (the square one up from the bottom, between the spleen & solar plexus) is work & life-force energy.
  • The Root Center (square at the bottom of the chart) is related to adrenaline energies.

The Channels & Gates

You may notice on your chart that it is covered with lines, some of them colored red, some black, some checkered black/red & some are white.  Lines that span all the way between two centers are called channels.

Each channel has two halves called gates. There are a total of 64 gates. The 64 gates correlate to the Chinese I’Ching. Each gate that is active in your chart adds a different “flavor” to your personality.

In general, you will be attracted to people who have a gate that completes a channel for you.

Conscious & Unconscious

Gates colored black carry personality traits that are conscious.  The black gates are derived from the black column of numbers on the body graph chart.

Some of the gates on your body graph may be colored red.  The red gates are derived from the red column of numbers on your body graph.

You may notice that the birth date on top of the red numbers is not your actual birth date.  This date is the date of your unconscious definition in your design. The date of your unconscious is calculated 88 astrological degrees back from your actual birth date.  According to Human Design theory, this is the date when your soul fully entered your body before you were born.

Your red or unconscious gates represent personality traits of which you may not be consciously aware. These are traits that many of us become aware of as we travel farther along the journey of life, but for the most part, we are not always conscious of acting out these personality traits. You may not be able to control or manipulate your unconscious personality traits.

If you have checkered gates you express those particular personality aspects both in your conscious & unconscious definition.

A white line or gate means that gate is open. You will take in the energy of that gate from the world around you, but its expression through you will be inconsistent & will depend on your environment.

When you look at the numbers on the left side of the body graph, you will see that each gate number has a small number next to it. For each gate there are six different “lines”, each line being a further expression of your uniqueness.


There are twelve different profiles in Human Design. Profiles tell you about major life themes that you will encounter & they illustrate another way in which your personality interacts with the world.  Knowing your profile can help you see some of the themes that you will encounter as you move through life.

Each number in a profile has a specific meaning.  The first number in your profile is an element of your personality of which you will be consciously aware. The second number in the profile may be unconscious & more hidden from you.

The twelve different profiles are derived from the six possible lines of a gate. Each of these six lines represents a different archetype or style of behavior. Your profile can be thought of as an explanation of your conscious & unconscious archetype & the themes associated with that archetype.

Here are the definitions for each of the profile lines.

Line 1 – Investigator

Line 2 – Hermit

Line 3 – Martyr

Line 4 – Opportunist

Line 5 – Heretic

Line 6 – Role Model


The definition can be either single, split, triple split or quadruple split.  The definition is determined by the connections made between the centers.

If the centers are defined but not connected by a channel then they are referred to as a split definition.  A person with a split definition will be drawn to people who make connections for them to access the energies that are not naturally available to them due to the separation.

A single definition means that all the defined centers in a chart are connected.  The person with a single definition will have some independence & a clearer understanding of their personal energies.


Authority refers to an aspect of your design that influences your decision-making.  Although decision-making is tied directly to your strategy, your authority flavors the way you use your strategy.  Authority is determined by certain centers in your personal chart that will have the most powerful influence for you when you make decisions. Not all centers carry authority, so your personal authority will depend on your type & your definition.

For example, if you have a defined solar plexus then you have an emotional definition.  Those with emotional definition need to take their time making a decision.  It is important for someone with a defined solar plexus to wait at least one day to determine if a decision is correct for them.  Often times people with a solar plexus that is open can make decisions more quickly.

Authority will also depend on your life conditioning & your level of emotional well-being. With cognitive awareness of old patterns, you begin to heal & transform these energies into deep sources of wisdom. The more you clear your old energy patterns the more effectively your natural decision making skills (your authority) can function. You can then begin to use your authority along with your strategy to help you make better decisions.

The Next Step

Have a reading.

When you receive a Human Design Reading, you are taught to understand patterns & behaviors that may be keeping you from living out the beauty of the mythology of who you really are.

Your Human Design Chart contains so much information about you that this introduction only scratches the surface! The understanding that comes from learning about the energies you have come to use in this lifetime is profound & creates a deep sense of self-appreciation.

You are invited to get a full Human Design Reading that will reveal to you so much more about yourself, your gifts, your strengths, & your vulnerabilities.  A reading can introduce you to knowledge & skills that will help you create a powerful & fulfilling life for yourself.

Blessings to you as you begin your Human Design journey!

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