How You Can Promote Your Webinar to Increase Attendance


How You Can Promote Your Webinar to Increase Attendance 1Promoting Strategies for Your Webinar

One of the concerns when planning a webinar is knowing whether anyone will attend or not. Fortunately there are tried and true ways to make sure that you have the right marketing mix for your webinar for maximum attendance.

Great Sales Pages — Create good sales pages that get results by finding out what sales pages look like that produce results. Your sales page does not have to be flashy and in fact should be rather plain so as not to distract the viewer, but make sure you have good sales pages for both the webinar, and the follow up products you plan to market after your webinar.

Blogs — Leading up to the webinar you should be blogging about it every single day in all your relevant blogging channels. Ask if you can guest blog on relevant competitor or complementary sites, while you won’t sell there, you will get a link back to your sales page for the webinar.

Article Marketing — Write, or have written, general articles that also provide a link back to your webinar sales page or your own blog which is promoting your webinar. These articles should be plastered all throughout the web in all your possible channels wherever your target market is, they should encounter one of your articles.

E-Newsletters — Definitely send exciting webinar info through your newsletter offering first chances to enrolling in your webinar before the masses. You should also ask competitors, and complimentary newsletters if you can send an article or info to their list.

Social Networks — Cross promote your blogs, your articles, and your webinar on all your social media platforms. You can do this via free reminders and information or you can buy some pay per click ads that get the information to your target market on your chosen social media.

Joint Ventures — Joint Venturing (JV) is such a fantastic way to expand your market. Find someone who promotes similar or complementary products and team up. You can package your products together in one fabulous package and split the revenue and share your contacts by cross promoting.

Affiliate Marketing — Let your affiliates promote your webinar. Even if you’re offering a free webinar you can offer a dollar or so to every affiliate who gets someone to sign up. Better yet, charge a dollar to five dollars for the webinar and let your affiliates keep 100 percent of the signup fee.


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