How-Have-a-Successful-Webinar 1How to Have a Successful Webinar

A webinar can be a highly productive way to market your Internet business, product or service. You can make some money up front for the webinar itself, then for the products and services you are promoting, and yet again on the back end by selling the recorded webinar at a discount to participants and at full price to those who could not attend.

While there is substantial preparation and work involved, successfully producing a webinar that will be both profitable and informative will be worth the effort when the event is over and the orders start coming in to your inbox.

There are a few considerations when producing your webinar such as:

Find a partner — Find a partner that can work with you on the webinar. This person should have different skills than you do. For instance if you’re great at marketing, but not so great at technology find a partner that is great at technology or who is comfortable with learning the necessary technology.

Create a plan — Have a plan about what you want to tell the guests and what your intent is in giving the webinar. Do you want to up sell something, do you want to teach something, what exactly is your point in having the webinar? Webinars are great ways to bring people into your product funnel but you have to know your intent to make sure that you have a plan and know your intent.

Practice makes perfect– As with all technology, stuff happens. That’s about as nice as it can be said, stuff happens. Things go wrong with technology, so practice and know that something will go wrong, but if you look prepared for those eventualities you won’t seem so inept.

Enhance your marketing — All promotion should be across all your channels, email lists, website, sales pages, pay per click, press releases, market everywhere your target market lives. Another advantage of partnering is that both of you will make new contacts due to having access to each other’s lists when you start your promotion.

Put on a show — Once you have followed all the other points you will be ready to present your live webinar! While you should practice as mentioned do not make your presentation appear stiff and read. Try to be as natural as possible and avoid reading a power point presentation. Reading your script is boring and not a good idea. Just talk as if you’re talking to friends, these people signed up to hear what you have to say, they want to be there, so be as lively as possible so that they can stay awake and be informed

Don’t forget follow up — When everything is over you have to do a thorough evaluation of how the webinar went and follow up with the participants. Suggests are to send a survey to the participants both presenters and guests, to find out what they thought. Ask them how to improve, what they liked, what worked and what did not work. Do not be afraid of getting this valuable feedback it will make future webinars better and more successful.

Get started putting together your first webinar.

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