5 Step System for More Clients, More Sales, More Money for YOUR Business

Building a Successful and thriving business is challenging!!

Going it alone — daunting!

5 Step System for More Clients, More Sales, More Money for YOUR Business 1

Business is not just about what you do — that is hopefully the part you love — the passion part. But once you get started, you find out, it is so much bigger than your craft.

It is the business part — business operations, marketing and leadership that become essential to building that thriving business that you envisioned. I call this being a Bizologist.

It takes resilience, persistence, courage to make it happen.

When you are a Bizologist — you understand that Focusing on Business Growth is key!

It takes — YOU — learning and growing — constantly!! But not just YOUR craft — but the craft and science of business — Bizology.

Bizology is my proprietary program that guides you through the process of building that thriving business — it puts the pieces together into a strategic plan.

I have identified EIGHT Profitability Accelerators that when you focus on them, you can transform your business results and your profits!

Through a power combination of training, templates and resources, coaching, and feedback.

5 Step System for More Clients, More Sales, More Money for YOUR Business 2

I’m Donna Price and helping businesses grow, is what I do.

I combine coaching, training and resources that help you figure out the right strategies for you!

When I started my business I was baffled by all of the things I had to know as a business owner! But once, I figured them out, and how to make it work — it all got easier. The Bizology.Biz growth system puts it all together for you!!

When you join my Bizology Membership you get access to Bizology CORE and then you can choose to add weekly group coaching calls or individual coaching calls or just go with CORE. YOU decide the perfect combination for you.

The Business Growth Membership and Training Resource — Bizology CORE or you can add group coaching or individual coaching for greater support and learning!!

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My philosophy — there is a science to building a thriving business. It is about building a system for YOUR business.

pillars of business success

It starts with leadership — YOUR leadership!! Leaders create the vision and strategy for their business. It starts right there.

The second pillar of success is Marketing — Communications. When you have a compelling marketing message and communications plan — then you are building your growth system.

The third pillar is Operations. You have to create an operational plan that fits with your business and your life. Businesses can be monsters that take over your life. An operational plan — continues to build your systems for success!!

The fourth pillar is YOUR products or services. They are of course a key to your success, just not the only key!!

In Bizology, we focus on these four pillars and the 8 Profitability Accelerators.

There are EIGHT ways to increase your profits in business. In Bizology — we focus there. We work to create YOUR system for growing YOUR business consistently. I call these the profitability accelerators.

A successful business is built with the FOUR PILLARS of SUCCESS and they are the foundational pieces of business. These are each in CORE.

I combine the membership area filled with training resources with group coaching and individual coaching. It is your choice — how you show up.

But let me be clear — if you do not focus your CEO energy on growth and the profitability accelerators, you will fail to GROW your business!!

profitability accelerators

These EIGHT Profitability Accelerators can change your business profits. Focusing on each profitability accelerator — creating a strategy and tracking that strategy — grows your business.

Most business owners are winging it and not creating a powerful system for their growth.

If you aren’t ready for a Bizology Membership — check out the course catalog to find the course that is right for you. As the CEO of your business, you need to drive that growth and understand HOW to do it. Yes, of course, you can outsource a great deal, but understand the strategies. Don’t give up that piece!! It is your vision that you are creating. The strategies will get you there!!

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And…. we are adding more regularly!!

Your business is yours. You have to DECIDE how to grow it. YOU, as the leader are the person to drive the vision and the strategies to build your success. It is your leadership that makes the difference.