Do You HATE Cold Calling?

Do YOU HATE Cold Calling, Like I Do?

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Talking with prospects or cold calling is often a sales strategy that many sales people use.

But how many HATE to cold call?  And HOW many calls does it take to actually talk with a potential customer?

Well, the numbers are in — 8.4 calls to get ONE live person on the phone, and then you have to sort through all of those people to get to one qualified lead.

Only 2% of the calls actually result in a meeting.

Most 48% are not interested.  So, of the 9 calls you make only one is live and then only 52% might be interested.  Of those 14% say “call me back”, and 5% say send me more information.  So from that 52% now, we have 33% that are going to talk to you and then 2% of those are going to set up a meeting to discuss further.  That is a lot of cold calling to get to one new customer.

BUT, what if you could make all of those calls at once and have a high call back rate?  And no, I am not talking robo calling.

It is better than that!  Because the people that call back are the people that WANT what you HAVE!!!  Truly qualified.

And at a fraction of the cost of cold calling.

But, there are also many other ways that you can use the Voice Messenger service.

  • Restaurants can use it to increase their customer base.  (We pull a local list).
  • A special holiday message can be left from the owner of the company — this works across industries — to say “Thank YOU for your business, and Happy Holidays!”.
  • Reactivate former customers — give every single customer a call and invite them back to your store or service.
  • Keep in touch — call every customer and let them know about an upcoming event — open house, fashion show, new product arrival party, grand opening, celebrity visitor, and many more ways you can use this service.
  • The Voice Messenger service is ideal because it can be personal and everyone, yes everyone listens to their Voice Mail.  Think about it — how many voice mails do you delete without listening. I know that I listen to every single one.
  • Use it for a personal invitation from the owner.

We put it together for you!

  • We can use your list or we can create a relevant list for you.
  • We can write the script or you can.
  • We guide you through the recording process.
  • We set up the Voice Messenger delivery
  • We run the program
  • YOU receive the results —>>> new leads, new customers, returning customers, reactivated customers….and the bottom line — well you can see what is happening with that.  Done right this service can increase your business revenue. Is it guaranteed to?  Of course not, but do we consistently see people getting GREAT results –>> For SURE!

Get started today or just get some additional info:

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