Happy New Year!

new yearsHappy New Year! I hope you have had an incredible year and that 2015 is looking great! I know that I am excited about it.

This is my last newsletter of the New Year!!  Hoping to find you excited about 2015


I will be hosting my annual webinar Envision and I am going to be changing it up a bit. Watch for the invitation! Probably be the second week of January and it is totally complimentary.

I am also putting my Best Year Yet plan together for the new year. You can do one too — visit: http://www.bestyearplan.com

It too is complimentary — and I am glad to do a 15 minute laser coaching call once you finish the plan to polish it a bit.

2015You can always schedule that at: http://www.vcita.com/v/donnaprice

The New Year brings new ideas, innovations and opportunities. I am most excited about the new social media platform that is launching called IQUnite — it is turning current business models upside down or sideways — creating a new paradigm. I am there and you are invited in pre-launch at: http://www.iqlife.com/dreambuilder

My other excitement of the new year!! Is monetizing my cell service and webinar services. It is a business strategy that I am using to look at services that we use within the business and monetize them through network marketing companies that provide excellent products and services. The exciting thing is that it is working!! While I am reducing expenses I am increasing revenue. What could be wrong with that! And even better — I am creating a residual stream of income. Might sound crazy but it takes some of the eggs and puts them into other baskets — diversifying income. Check out our new service packages here: http:/www.crconlinemedia.com/wgn-2 (no optin just info!!)




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