Happy 15

Happy 15 1
I am still celebrating!! And it includes a BIG giveaway!!

15 years is a milestone. I know that for many, they didn’t make it this far, and for many others they did, but it was a hard journey!

I am excited to be embarking on a new year of business and business growth. My plan for the upcoming year and the next five years is incredible.

BIG things are happening.
BIG opportunities and incredible journey’s with clients.

The focus of Compass Rose Consulting is business growth — through effective marketing and business strategies. I help you put the marketing puzzle together for YOUR business — not a cookie cutter recipe but a unique plan that gets your business working better, easier and brings in new growth that results in higher revenue.

Every small business makes a difference in our families and our communities!!  We need small businesses that are thriving.

The Profitability Academy is THE resource that I use with all of my clients to give them a training portal that is filled with effective strategies. I love it because it gives clients the ideas, the strategies and the implementation guides that they need to put them into action, without spending valuable coaching time in training. BUT, it also gives clients a resource that they can use on their own and put into action without a coach.

Of course, I love coaching and I believe it is the fastest way to grow. But, it is not accessible for everyone!! So, right now for my anniversary I am giving away access to the Profitability Academy for 150 businesses!!  No strings attached! To access this opportunity use the code happy15 during checkout to save 100%.  It is the ONLY product or course that I am giving access to at this 100% discount!! Grab access today — RIGHT HERE 

Give me 24 hours to set up your membership!! And then get started.

Once you have access – I will also GIFT you a 30 minute quick start call with to review the road map that you can create inside the member’s area.

I want you to succeed! This is a great way for enhance what you are already doing. Learn new strategies and really take action. Of course, this will not do anything for you if you don’t put in the time! But if you do….. you will see incredible results.

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