Happy 15 Years!

Being an entrepreneur is a journey — for sure!
But it is a journey worth being on!

Happy 15 Years! 1

My journey started 15 years ago, when I took the bold step to leave the security of a JOB and launch Compass Rose Consulting!

My family thought I was crazy. My partner, Ken was totally, 100% supportive and has remained so throughout.

It has been a ride — with ups and downs! Just like any road trip!

But some of the highlights are these!!

–>>Helping hundreds of small businesses build greater success!
–>>Helping business leaders publish their own books
–>>Publishing our books — the list is long!!
–>>Creating an online learning program –>> first Bizology.Biz and now the Profitability Academy and additional resources at Compass Rose Consulting!!

Creating that laptop lifestyle — of working from home or the shore or the campground or just about anywhere and being able to access our clients, out resources, post blogs, respond to emails… all from a simple Lenovo laptop!

Meeting incredible people from around the world and constantly being inspired by their visions and dreams, their actions and all that they are doing to create the best life they have envisioned.

Watching businesses grow and flourish.  It is always fun.

Learning — it is a learning journey being an entrepreneur. I have learned from some of the best — here are just a few of my mentors in business — Matt Bacak, Terri Levine, Karl Bryan, Adrian Ulsh, Alex Mendossian, David Riklan, Richard MacFarlane, Birgitt Williams, Lee Nazal, Brian Anderson, Luther Landro, Nicole Dean, Jimmy D. Brown, Russel Brunson, MaryJo Wagner, Diane Simovich, Graeme Nichols, Adrienne Hew, Debra McLaughlin and many, many more that I KNOW have helped me knowingly and unknowingly.  And of course, each and every client, contact and member of my community, contributes to my learning.

I appreciate it all.

And of course, there is my family — that has stood by me throughout the journey.  They are my WHY, they are my entire reason for being an entrepreneur and wanting to help others succeed in their business.

So it is a BIG year!! 15 years!!

And I want to celebrate with YOU!

Happy 15 Years! 2So… I am giving away a couple of things as gifts for the rest of August.
I am giving away membership — to the Profitability Academy or my List Building Course.

Use the coupon code: [Happy15] without the brackets.

It will give you 100% off of either of these programs.

With the Listbuilding course — you will have immediate access. For the Profitability Academy — I will set that up as the ‘purchase’ comes in and it will take 12-48 hours.

Here are the links to each program:

Profitability Academy

List Building Course — The Money is in the LIST!!

The future is bright….

I am always innovating, creating, writing… teaching, coaching and consulting.

So, these are things that are in the pipeline!

The Profitability Breakthrough Mastermind — is lifting off this September.  It is my premier 10 month program.

It is by far the most comprehensive program I have ever put together. It combines coaching, training, masterminding — a complete resources library full of all that you can use to put together a marketing plan and grow your business.

October we have our four week MAPPS — >> Marketing Plan Course and then we launch our Membership Building Bootcamp.

It is all exciting.

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