I have been recently been reading a great deal about gratitude.  I have kept gratitude journals, made thank you lists, looked at all that I have and said “Thank You”.  There are many things to be celebrated in life.  Even in tough times most of us can find something that we are grateful for.

In leadership it is also an important approach to success.  Thanking staff, recognizing staff is important.  Yet, many leaders find it challenging to say “Thanks”.  What stops us from stating our thank you’s?  Why do we hesitate?

Gratitude has a powerful effect on people.  It creates smiles.  Recipients of gratitude or thanks often feel better.  It gives them a boost, or good feeling inside.  In a work setting it can improve performance, increase company results.

In my recent book: “Coaching Staff for Success”, I talk about the value of being thankful and stating it with staff.  We have seen the power of gratitude for individuals and teams.

This month Send Out Cards has launched a Gratitude Challenge.  It’s simple… spend 30 days, sending cards to 30 different people — one card per day, a card of gratitude.  Now, anyone can take the Challenge — through Send Out Cards, or you could do it on your own.  I love Send Out Cards as it makes sending cards so easy for me.

The Challenge is going to be really interesting.  What happens when you intentionally say “Thank You” or express your gratitude to people?  How does it impact relationships, perceptions?  I will let you know as I embark on the Gratitude Challenge.  Join me and let me know how you do!

How does it change the workplace?

How does it change relationships with co-workers, friends, loved ones?

What can ONE card do?

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