Gorilla Marketing

The term was defined by Jay Conrad Levinson way back in 1984 which gave rise to this new phenomenon although it had been around for quite some time before Levinson’s book. This form of promotion consists of gorilla marketers coming up with innovative and effective slogans and other eye-catching advertisements to pull toward them consumers. Sounds a lot like other forms of marketing? The distinction lies in that in gorilla marketing, uses a lower budget and more imagination rather than spending huge sums of money to attract consumers. Simplicity, therefore, is the key.

It is of course very different from the traditional marketing strategies that the world has known for several years. Gorilla marketing techniques which were first used by smaller organizations and businesses are now used by several large companies and brands to appeal to their consumers. These techniques take all forms, from the usual posters and billboards to street art and graffiti.

With the improvement of technology and media, companies can now engage their consumers in a whole new experience .It is important therefore for businesses to be able to identify the needs of their buyers and effectively cater to these needs. Street giveaways are an excellent way to attract consumers.

The key to effective gorilla marketing is to put up advertisements in least expected places but where the consumer is guaranteed to stop and look. The method of promotion should be one that is highly likely to have an impact on the person, whether by mere words or a simple picture.

Often companies who use gorilla marketing techniques, use in their posters and billboards, images that are in no way connected to the type of goods they sell. This is in order to grab the attention of the prospective buyer. The buyer would then be aware of the brand and curiosity may lead this prospective buyer to learn more about what good the company sells.

Gorilla marketing gets a persons mind working as soon as they see the advertisements and are therefore used not only by businesses but even by various charitable organizations working on various campaigns, to encourage donations and sometimes to merely make their voices heard.

Gorilla marketing has been around for quite some time now but still continues to be a highly effective means of attracting and appealing to consumers and today we can see how important these techniques have become in the world of marketing, with the rise of very creative advertisements being used by so many firms worldwide.

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