Google Plus.. From Our Hangout…that really wasn’t

Earlier this week, before the snow and after the snow, I held a short Hangout on Google Plus — Tips and Strategies… BUT had technical challenges with our screen share.  So, I recorded the video and have it for you here:

There are so many good reasons to use Google + in your business.

I know many of these I have already said, but just in case you missed it:

  • It’s part of GOOGLE!!!  This is HUGE!  Don’t miss this point.  Google has created a social platform and Google is the number 1 search engine.  Being part of Google+ helps your site to rank.
  • It has both a profile and business page that you can develop
  • Google+ is multi-media oriented — pictures are GREAT, videos are GREAT, infographics are GREAT.
  • You can create custom “circles” of people
  • You can host or participate in a Google Hangout
  • Google Hangouts can be either public or private

and there are more…..of course!

Be sure that you are not leaving Google+ out of the mix.  It is powerful.

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