Getting to Marketing

Getting to Marketing 1Do you ever find it challenging to get to the marketing?

I know that I do….

Business happens… life happens!

Time just feels like it escapes.

This happens to me and it probably happens to you too!

Marketing is how I GROW my business, so it is a critical activity.

There are several things that you can do to make sure that your marketing is happening even when you don’t have time.


Automating your marketing is key.  There are several aspects of marketing that you can automate.

  1. Create an optin page that people can access your wisdom from social media posts or other advertising.
  2. Create a follow up email sequence for follow up that is at least 12 emails.
  3. Schedule your social media in advance. You can use sites like, or or  I use ZohoSocial.  It posts to several social media sites at once.
  4. Schedule your blog posts in advance. If you use WordPress you can customize the date that the post will post.
  5. Make your website your HUB. Everything should point back to your website.
  6. Create an editorial plan so that you know what you are doing in advance and create your story plan.

Marketing consistently is key to business growth.

Getting to Marketing 2When you focus on DOING your business instead of GROWING your business, then your business remains static.

Make a plan and make it happen!

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