Funding Your Dream — Is it a Problem?

Young successful woman looking at worldmap with profile photos oDream Building — Funding

Funding is always one of the biggest road blocks that people tell me about for living their dreams or launching their dream. The thing that I found is that once you start down the road of dream building new things appear, doors you didn’t even know existed open, resources, people — everything you need. We are working on building a BIG dream right now..

Overwhelming really… It’s one of those — can we really do it dreams? Do we have the real courage? And just like many — funding is one of the obstacles. And then a new thing appeared….and it looks pretty impressive, huge funding potential — but it is one of those things that people think is too good to be true. Could that statement or belief in itself get in your way?? Well we decided to step outside of that belief and shift it to — yes, it could be true and it could be incredible. Its a paradigm shift in belief but also a new business model…not typical, not network marketing, not direct sales — just networking monetized. What funding road blocks do you have? Are you willing or open to possibilities outside of your norm to solve those? Do you want something bigger than you have now? I’ve uploaded a 9 minute audio for you here:

I’ve also built a website that gives more details — CLICK HERE

Watch the video. Are you open to being paid to connect with people on a social platform?

Has Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter sent you a paycheck?  Watch the VIDEO and then call me!!

I am so excited about how this new social platform will impact our lives and our budget, but I am also excited about how it will impact everyone that is open to seeing the possibilities, believing and living the dream.

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