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Another Friday is here with the weekend approaching!


I had a great day yesterday at NJAWBO’s Procurement Expo.  NJAWBO is the New Jersey Association of Women’s Business Owners, I’ve been a member now for about 6 or 7 years and have served on the local chapter board for all of that time.  Being involved in networking or business associations is a great way to find great vendors for your business AND to make valuable connections with other business owners. The Procurement event is on of their best state wide events.  I med so many incredible people and got to visit with many business owners I already know.


Some of the things that happened there for me:

I found someone to make new name badges for our Real World Leadership Institute and do it in time for a BIG presentation next week. Linda is the owner


I re-connected with a woman that sells ink cartridges.  I have been meaning to order my printer ink from her for years.  I just ordered it and I saved at least 70% off of what I had been paying.  Over the past year she could have saved me $200 or more in my ink supplies.  And, she ships the ink directly to me.

Jackie Berman is this owner and her website is:


AND, I talked with two women at Woodpecker Press about their new book project:  Big Bold Business Advice from 100 New Jersey Women Business Owners.  An incredible book project.  After talking with them about the project and what they are doing with it — I JOINED!  I plan to write a chapter on marketing — specifically – how we as business owners can collaborate to connect, inspire and promote each other.  Donna Thompson and Joyce Restaino are heading up this project and there are still a couple of spaces available: or


I also met a pastry chef that makes the most incredible business card cookies.  We are going to be using one with our logo as a very classy and very tasty promotional item.


Attending a procurement event can truly benefit your business. I have made great connections that continue to benefit my business.  I will be working through the pile of new contacts for days!


Enjoy the Friday Update!


In this issue:


-+-Article: Content, Content, Content

-+- Upcoming Training Opportunities

1. Webinar Webinar:  The Nuts and Bolts: Next Week Friday 2. LinkedIn:  Building Business through LinkedIn: NEW DATE

-+- Classified Ads: Be Sure to Check Out the new classified section.


Article:Content, content, content. Content makes the web go round.


From the moment you begin researching ways to increase your business, make money on your website or blog, you hear WRITING, WRITING, and MORE WRITING, over and over again. There’s a reason for that and we’re going to discuss how the written word can make you money, but YOU don’t have to be the one doing all that writing. Save your paper and your wrists!


One of the hottest ways to make money online is through the power of blogging. But, what does blogging require? What do you think? What ONE thing must you do above all else in order to blog?


If you’re like the majority of people, your answer probably included…you guessed it…WRITING! After all, that’s what a blog is all about right? On your blog you are sharing your thoughts with others in the form of blog posts that you’ve written – constant writing.


Before you run for the hills, let me let you in on a little secret.


While those blog posts are necessary in order for you to be a successful blogger, they do NOT all have to be written by you and they don’t all have to be written posts either!


You need content to make your blog successful, but it does not have to be written by you. Let me explain by giving you some ways to make money and keep your blog fresh without wearing yourself out or giving yourself Carpal Tunnel Syndrome before you even get started bringing in the dough.


But, first, you need to know why content so important on the Internet and especially your blog.


Why is Content Crucial?


Here are a few reasons…


First of all, people come to the web for one thing and one thing only – information. Whether they’re shopping for products to buy or looking for a natural remedy for their acne, they’re hitting the web for information, advice, and help.


If your readers find quality information from you they’re very likely to:


•             Stick Around

•             Sign Up for Your ezine or newsletter

•             Twitter about your site

•             Recommend your posts at places like

•             Sign up for your RSS feed

•             Come back in the future

•             Refer others to your site


Second, search engines LOVE content. The more pages you have on your website or blog filled with quality content, the better. Whether you offer product reviews, funny stories, or meaty training, quality content is rewarded by Google, MSN, and Yahoo, as well as the many other smaller search engines online.


Third, adding value to the Internet begins to establish you as an expert on your topic. By writing great information, your readers will begin to look at you as THE go-to person for information. You’ll begin attracting interview and JV requests as well.


As you can see content really is important if you want to build a successful blog or website on the Internet. Without it, your site is just another in the World Wide Web. How can people find you if they don’t know you exist? By establishing yourself and providing your readers with quality posts and other valuable information they need and want, you will see that you can easily become one of the big fish in the pond.


But, what if you don’t have time to write constantly? Or, what if you don’t like writing? You’re in luck, there are many ways to add quality information to your blog without having to write it all yourself.


I will be talking about these tips next week…. or you can find more ideas on my blog at:



Upcoming Training Opportunities:


Webinar Details:  How to Run a Webinar — The Nuts and Bolts


In this 90 minute webinar I am planning to share the nuts and bolts of how I run webinars.  How I set it up from the registration page to the marketing.  And the tools that I use to actually bring people onto the webinar.  I will review the tools available and what i have used and found to be user friendly and successful.


I am also providing a comprehensive report that will give you even more details about webinars and how they work.


New Date: Friday April 29th at Noon.

To learn about the webinar training: -+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+-

LinkedIn for Business

April 15th, 2011

12 Noon – 1:30 PM EST


Many people that I talk to say that they keep getting invitations from people on LinkedIn but they don’t know what to do with them.  Others say they did set up their profile but then didn’t know what to do.  With 80+ million people on LinkedIn I know that there are business prospects for you.


Join me on Friday at noon to learn how to connect, how to build trusted relationships and really utilize LinkedIn to your business advantage.  It is a very cool networking tool AND it does take some work to get to know it and how to really use it.  Let me show you the way.  LinkedIn is another strategy for getting traffic to your website.  In the search engines your LinkedIn profile could rank higher than your website, but what a great thing.  Everything we do on the Internet is about increasing our web ranking, increasing our web traffic, building new networks and relationships AND ultimately increasing our business.  LinkedIn is ONE more strategy that is very powerful for doing all of that.  Don’t miss out on the webinar!


I have added several articles at Bizoloy.Biz/biz-tips about webinars and how they can be used in your business.  Be sure to check them out.



Have a GREAT Weekend.


All the best,




Donna Price

Business Success Coach





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