Does Fear Get In Your Way?

On my to do list this week was a task to write three articles. BIG task. I got one done.

But one was on fear. Then in my in-box I receive an article about Fear. Don’t you love when that happens. I hadn’t even started my article, written on thing about FEAR and there it is.

The article — is from Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book: Big Movercoming fearagic — Creative Living Beyond Fear.

(here’s the article link:
(here’s the book link:

To be honest, I battle fear. I help others battle fear and I battle it myself.

In the article she talks about fear being good. Which I totally agree with. Fear does keep each of us safe.

It is when the fear interferes with your goals that it becomes a problem.

Her next statement was new for me. I had never thought of fear in this way.

She says: “fear is the oldest, deepest and least subtle part of our emotional life, and so therefore it’s boring. It’s dull. It doesn’t have any nuance. So have a little conversation with your fear when it starts to get riled up when you’re trying to do something creative. ”

I never really thought of fear as dull. Wow. That totally reframes it. I had thought of fear as somewhat powerful.But, if we reframe and take control of it, knock it down to dull – tame it. Then it is no longer powerful. It can’t interfere.

She suggests talking to your fear, letting it know — its all okay! No need to be afraid.

I love this. I use this in my book: Launching Your Dreams — as a strategy for shifting the negative head talk we each endure, and I suppose some of that is fear, but I hadn’t really used it in that way.

How do you deal with fear in your world? How do you take control of it?

Remember — it is dull.

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