Entrepreneurs Wearing Many A Hat Even With Webinars

How many hats will you wear to produce your webinar

* Stakeholder — Who is the person who carries the most risk of loss or gain when you plan your webinar?

* Producer — Who is responsible for making sure you have everything you need in terms of products, money and supplies for your webinar? Who will screen calls if you are allowing them?

* Coordinator — Who will organize and coordinate the entire thing, keeping it all together while you conduct your webinar?

* Marketer — Who will make sure people show up for your webinar? Who will follow up when it’s over?

* Manager — Who will organize everything making sure nothing is missed?

* Technical Support — Who will make sure that the technology, the platform, hardware, the software all works before, during and after the event?

* Perform — Who will perform the webinar, is it a panelist, a speaker, or what? Is it simply you? What if someone doesn’t show up?

These are just a few of the hats you’ll have to wear when you produce your webinar. You can do it all or you can outsource a lot of it. One or more virtual assistants can handle any number of these roles very well such as: Technical support, marketing, coordination and even as a producer screening calls. But the overall person responsible and likely the main stakeholder is you.

It’s really up to you how many hats you’ll wear when producing your webinar so make sure you have allotted enough time to do all the tasks that need to be done if you are doing them yourself. A good tip is to make a check sheet that is clear about who is doing a specific task and when it should be completed. Even if you’re all alone, check lists will go far in helping you have a successful webinar.


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