Engagement Equals New Leads for YOUR Business

Social Media Engagement Can Build Rapport/Relationship and Lead to New Business Leads!

Every social media platform: Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter all offer the ability to engage with other people. When used correctly, business leaders can generate new business leads with an effective strategy and plan.

Social Media Content needs to be compelling  — that means that it offers value to the reader. YOU are the expert.  Yees, there are probably other experts in your field and YES, they might know more than you, but on your social media YOU are the expert.  Social Media can engage prospects, can gather great information and data that benefits your marketing and business and ultimately brings in new business leads and customers.

New customers = increased revenue.


It’s about building relationships.  Just like in live networking, you need engagement in order to connect with people and move into a relationship that can become a customer relationship.

What business doesn’t want new customers, new leads for business growth?

Social Media is a powerful online strategy that often is not created with specific goals of new business leads in mind. The approach needs to fit with your business, your overall goals and your plan.  Use the meeting scheduler below to schedule a review of your media plan with Donna.

This site has many resources for you on developing your social media plan.

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As a lifelong learner I am always training… learning HOW to market more effectively, HOW to engage with my connections, like you, more and I gladly share with my clients what I am learning.

One resource that I use is My Lead System Pro — there are tremendous trainings within MLSP as a member.  Click the banner below to learn more about MLSP and why I am so excited about it.

For additional training resources on generating leads online visit: ONLINE BUSINESS LEADS
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