Email Marketing — Is It for YOU?

email marketingIs Email Marketing for you?

IF SO — Which Email Marketing Provider is RIGHT for YOU?

I was recently talking with a client that had just switched his email marketing provider.  It baffled me.  His company — a new start-up with NO email list.  We had set up Mailchimp for him.  It is a great program for new companies.  It provides a solid platform and is free for the first 2,000 subscribers.  For most companies that is a great foundation and more than they have.

What did he change to??  Constant Contact!  Why — another marketer recommended it.  But for him… it isn’t necessarily the right choice…why not??? Let’s take a look at a few of the different options.

I personally have switched to Zoho Campaigns and in a minute I will tell you my reasons.  But first let’s review the options, and there are many!! If you WANT to check it out Right NOW ===>>>> Zoho One  (not an affiliate link, just a link!)

Mailchimp — cute chimp with cute sayings when you login.  Mailchimp is a great option for many.  I love that it is free at first.  It allows auto-responders as well as broadcasts.   You can easily use Mailchimp with wordpress, integrate with other services such as Eventbrite. I have personally used Mailchimp for my business for a short time and have set it up for many clients.  I found for my business it wasn’t the right solution as it was cumbersome to set up e-courses and multipart auto-responders and then broadcast to the different groups.  BUT, for many it is a great solution and it is a great place to start.

Constant Contact — I have personally used Constant Contact as well.  I found the interface constantly frustrating.  I usually curse when I have to use it and do use it with a couple of organizations that I am a part of. BUT, it does not have sufficient auto-responder capability.

What is an auto-responder?  An auto-responder is a series of emails that are set up and then automatically go out to subscribers on a schedule.  For instance, in the past, I had several “Crash Courses” that are typically 5 or 6 emails that go out daily as soon as the person subscribes.  I had 5 or 6 different courses set up.  My general email list has a series of 20 emails that go out to people when they sign up for my special report.

Why?  I have an offer that I make to my subscribers — I want them to get it right away and then I want to start building a relationship with them.  Auto-responders help you to create rapport with your new subscribers and start providing them VALUE right away.

Constant contact has great newsletter or broadcast capability but not the auto-responder capacity. They do not allow you to email affiliate links or network marketing links.  They will stop your email if they don’t like the links that you have in it.  This happened to me right before a big event that I was hosting. I NEEDED my list to have the information.  I had an affiliate link in the sidebar for something and they blocked the email.  It decreased my attendance at the event…. and I switched from Constant Contact immediately.

You have to decide what your goals are and what you need from your auto-responder.

Aweber — used by many Internet Marketers.  Aweber provides solid service for both newsletters and auto-responders.  Great deliverability.  Getting your email into people’s box is one of the most important reasons for using an email provider.  You personally, have limited ability to get your email delivered if you are trying to send your email to thousands or even hundreds of people at the same time.  Most hosting companies will shut you down.  Many Internet Service Providers will slam the door.  All of the providers here have the same goal — deliver your email and keep the door open.  That is largely what you are paying for! Aweber is a great choice, and affordable for most.

Okay, so why did I choose Zoho Campaigns.   Several reasons…. they have a great track record for deliverability.  it is part of a suite of business apps that all integrate together.  My CRM connects to my email marketing program, they both connect to my accounting program (ZohoBooks) and my project manager and forms builder.

Email marketing is a key strategy in building a thriving business.  It works for online and offline businesses.  It is a business growth strategy that works only if you use it regularly and consistently!

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