Dreading Cold Calling

Dreading Cold Calling 1If you are like me then you HATE cold calling!!

I hate, maybe more than hate, cold calling!  I just do not do it.

But, I KNOW that it could help my business!

But, what I know now, is that I can cold call via voice mail messaging and get people calling me! The dynamic is totally different.  When someone calls me back, they WANT to know why I called.  Yes! Read that again — they WANT to know WHY I am calling.

It’s kind of like magic!

When you leave a business or an individual a voice mail message, they are very likely going to listen to it OR they will call you back just from the caller ID.  Now, the dynamic is reversed.  Instead of rejecting a cold call, they are calling and so they are open to listening to what you have to say.

This is your opportunity to start a conversation.  That is your goal, a conversation.  Making the sale is not the goal yet.  You have to start with a conversation.  This is where it is critical that you have a plan.  Message — SCRIPT, what to say when they call back.  Two scripts — one for those that listened to the message and one for those that did not listen to the message.  In those scripts, you need to have outlined your process. What is the next step?  A demonstration? A meeting?  Another call?  Your goal is to get the person to that next step or call.

Outline that next step. Create a script and a plan.  When you strategically use the Direct Voice Mail Messenger service to drive calls back to you then you need to have clear steps in place for that call back.

It is exciting to turn cold calling upside down and turn it around so that it is working for YOU.

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