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I never imagined being an author or having a book published, but now I have four with four more in the works!  Publishing a book is a great way to get your message out and make it available to others.

Launching Your Dreams: Making WILD Ideas Happen!

Now in it’s 3rd printing, Launching Your Dreams has grown into a very usable guide for taking that wild idea and making it happen.

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Launching Your Dreams is based on Donna’s personal experience of realizing her dream to bicycle across the country.  Using a very intentional process of visioning, resource development, strategic planning and the support of an ongoing mastermind group, Donna developed a cross country bike tour, obtained sponsorship of an international organization and then cycled coast to coast.  Donna says: “daydreams are so much better when you are living them.”

Many have a dream that they’ve wanted for a long time and just haven’t been able to get moving.  Maybe it’s just been sitting on shelf, collecting dust. Being a dreamer is greatest when you live the dreams. Learning to create your dreams in your life is even greater, because once you learn HOW to do this, you can do it over and over again!

Launching Your Dreams outlines the process Donna used to realize this and other life dreams.  With a background in education, Donna has helped people achieve their goals and realize their dreams for over 30 years.  Donna has taken her personal experience and training into the field of coaching and the opening of her own business, coaching others to realize their dreams/vision and potential.

The new revised edition of  Launching Your Dreams includes many new features.  You will find a new chapter on leadership including 10+ Steps to Being the Leader of YOUR Life, and a new chapter on Celebrating Change.

Employee Coaching For Business Success

This guide helps managers transition their workplace into a coaching focus rather than a top down micro-management structure.  Donna guides you in using the performance appraisal as a tool for increasing employee success and ultimately the organization’s success.

Now in its second edition printing, Employee Coaching provides valuable resources for managers, business owners and supervisors.

It is an easy read with real world examples that managers can relate to.

Many managers didn’t train to supervise employees, it just happened, as a part of the organization’s promotion structure or as a business owner.

Learning to be an effective manager can be challenging. Creating a positive work environment that also has a structure and expectations that are clearly defined, helps organizations to grow.

Becoming a Bizologist

Becoming a Bizologist provides you with the ideas, strategies and framework to create YOUR system for business growth.

Growing your business can feel challenging or even overwhelming. Becoming a Bizologist gives you the information that you need to create a system that will work to increase revenue and increase your profits.

It includes the EIGHT Profitability Accelerators that are the keys to transforming your business growth. The Guide is totally free to you right now!

But that is NOT all, it is based on Bizology — the business growth system that is the SCIENCE of creating a thriving business. Bizology is built on the four pillars of success — Leadership, marketing, operations and your products and services.  With out a these four pillars it is IMPOSSIBLE to build a thriving and successful business.

Okay, this one is different… A YOUNG Reader!!

The Adventures of Matilda & LuciLu: Dream Trekkers Book 1: The Treasure Hunt

The Adventures of Matilda and LuciLu takes you on a journey of dreams and trekking. Have fun with these two young adventurers visiting their grandparents, yard sale-ing and climbing into a magical treehouse.

Matilda and LuciLu find themselves inside a dream, together! They both remember where they were, visiting with their grandparents, and doing some exploring, but they don’t know how they get there or how they get back.

And then there’s also Jack. Who is he and how is he part of this whole story?

The Adventures of Matilda & LuciLu is writted for young readers — 2nd or 3rd graders.

Available via Amazon in paperback or Kindle. HERE