Does LOVE Impact Your Business?

Does LOVE Impact Your Business? 1What’s LOVE Got To Do With It?

Yesterday, I was in my car for a couple of hours, listening to NPR and listened to two different shows honoring Martin Luther King Jr. First, was a speech that was given by Bishop Michael B. Curry at the Apollo Theater in NYC. He talked about LOVE. Quoting Dr. King, “We must discover the power of LOVE…because LOVE is the only way, the only way….”

Later, driving home, I listened to an interview with Lynda Blackman Lowery, author of “Turning 15 on the Road to Selma”. She talked about the same quote or idea from Dr. King — LOVE, that love is the only way.

And now today, in my mastermind, my coach talked about LOVE and it being at the center of business.

Now, I had already been thinking about writing this article about LOVE and business before the coaching call this morning.  We were just about wrapping up when she talked about LOVE.  I felt like — I HAVE to write this article.

About a year and a half ago, I updated my logo and added a heart at the center of the compass because I do believe that love is at the center or the core of my business.  It has to be.  HOW on earth can I help anyone with their business without LOVE being a part of it.  Heart centered business.

I believe that LOVE is at the center of everything that I am doing in business — my services for sure, my marketing and connecting with people — always from a place of caring and compassion — LOVE. Operations — setting up operationally in a loving way — how we engage other service providers, contractors etc. Always from a place of engaging in business fairly, generously and   with gratitude.

So, my question for you is: how does LOVE fit into your business? Is it one of your business values? Does it impact how you do business?

If ‘love is the only way’, like Dr. King said, what does that really mean in the world of business? In your world?

For me, it means loving what I do and sharing that.  Loving seeing the successes of clients, colleagues, and loving when people have the courage to reach beyond themselves and do something BOLD.

It is about being present with people and doing everything I can to support their journey, celebrate them and what they do. Engaging from a place of love. 

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