Direct Marketing Agencies

Marketing a product through promotional activities such as; leaflets, brochures, catalogs, print ads, promotional emails that are delivered directly to a prospective customer is what Direct Marketing Agencies strive to do. Direct Marketing Agencies are also immensely successful in winning over customers mainly due to the ingenious and innovative methods used in order to capture prospective customers’ attention. There are three types of direct marketing and they are residential, back to back and direct marketing. All these techniques and sometimes other innovative methods are utilized by Direct Marketing Agencies to sell products that are assigned to them.

Direct Marketing Agencies also offer many benefits for their customers in addition to selling their products. For example due to their success, Direct Marketing Agencies are able to offer their customers unique and innovative business opportunities, a stronger industry presence, free legal advice, tools for further development, access to top notch industry research and even help the development of the corporation through consumer, commercial and government confidence in the value of direct marketing.
Direct Marketing Agencies as of late are highly respected and successful and are sort after by many business holders to enhance the sales of their products. An ideal international example would be Jingwell International that was selected by Best Buy China for a multi year direct marketing contract. Thereby Direct Marketing Agencies have indeed succeeded in exploring consumer reactions in a most successive and accurate manner.

There are many Direct Marketing Agencies dwelling in the United States whilst some of the more popular ones earn a large percentage of the US direct marketing revenue. According to revenue reports of 2005/2006, Direct Marketing Agencies such as Rapp Collins Worldwide and Wunderman situated in New York have succeeded in bringing in 4-12% of US direct marketing revenue.
Just like other agencies though, the Direct Marketing Agencies in the US too have cons as well as prose to their name for many people have argued that in-house marketing strategies are better than the utilization of Direct Marketing Agencies to sell their products. The main reason for this is price. Almost 50% of the revenue generated by a company generally goes to the Direct Marketing Agencies as it can be argued that it was due to their marketing that the product was sold so successively in the first place. This does most definitely create a dent in the company’s income and thereby the cause is weighed and argued by many companies and entrepreneurs today.

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