Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a form of marketing by which a business sends its advertising material directly to the consumers. Direct mail marketing is an excellent way to boost sales, especially if the product is new.

Direct mail marketing could be carried out in several ways. Firstly, it could be done by sending out printed advertisements to a specific group of consumers . This may be in the form of post cards or even letters. The main reason for direct mail marketing being so successful is because messages are sent directly to the consumers without any form of intervention by the media or any other technique. After all everybody checks their mail at one point or the other don’t they? However this does not ensure that the targeted consumer will read the leaflet he has just received as it is generally considered to be ‘junk mail’ and is just flipped aside. The key is to get the consumer to open the envelope to see what you have on offer. This is why you need to take some effort to make the packaging, or the envelope you use, attractive. This is sure to increase the response you receive.

However, even attractive packaging may not lead to successful direct mail marketing if you do not send it to the right people. It is important therefore , for you to compile a good list of consumers and business contacts, for your direct mail marketing to be successful. You need to target a specific group of people who are most likely to purchase your products , instead of just sending the promotional material to the entire country . You do not want to spend too much money sending these promotional material to people who would just throw it away without reading it. You may also want to try adding a personal touch to your letters and postcards , such as using your own handwriting or business logo on the envelope so that the consumer may be eager to check what is inside.

With technology and computers playing a major part in our lives today, direct mail marketing can also be carried out by email. This is highly desirable as marketing can be carried out at low costs without having to spend too much money on advertising the product. Not only is it cost-effective but it could be done within minutes provided you have a good list of prospective consumers!

A great resource for direct mail marketing is Send Out Cards.  I invite you to set up a gift account via the link and send out a card to someone you know.  I use Send Out Cards to keep in touch with prospects, customers and friends and family.  It is a great tool that is Internet based.  I don’t have to leave my house to send out card.  I select a design from thousands of options, add my personal message and the person’s address and Send Out Cards, prints it, stamps it and mails it.  I never touch it!!  That is what I love.  The ease of it, and the professional look is incredible.

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