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Did You Notice? 1Last week we had a great webinar on Facebook. Some really great changes are happening on Facebook. Have you noticed? One that I like is that I can now “stroll” around Facebook as one of my “fan pages or business pages” and leave comments on other walls from Bizology or Real World Leadership Institute. This s a great feature to build your brand and increase the visibility of your brand and page.

Another new feature is that on your business page you can now switch from admin to yourself. This means you can post as yourself and NOT your brand. This adds a bit of a personal touch to your business brand.

Both great new features. Be sure to login to your Facebook account and look around at the new changes.

Real World Leadership Radio
Tomorrow on Real World Leadership Radio we have special guest, skip Weisman joining me to talk about “7 Deadliest Sins of Leadership & Workplace Communication:

Join us and discover:
• The #1 most destructive leadership style leaders must avoid at all costs

• Why communication is the #1 issue all organizations struggle with

• How to communicate so you can gain buy-in and commitment from employees from the very start

In this content rich session you will learn:

• The 7 most destructive communication mistakes leaders make that subconsciously sabotage work environments

• Simple solutions to fix these communication faux pas

• The primary reason leaders struggle every time they try and fix these challenges

• 3 reasons why these communication habits permeate so many work environments

• 3 communication beliefs leaders must adopt to transform their work environments

Skip Weisman has been working with organizational leaders to help them lead like champions, create motivating work environments and deliver high performance results.

RealWorldLeadership Radio:

Date / Time: 3/2/2011 12:00 PM

Category: Business

Call-in Number: (714) 583-6948

To listen in: www.blogtalkradio.com/realworldleadership

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Are You Doing Any Article Marketing?

Articles, press releases and distribution are still great strategies for building links to your sites as well as gaining exposure and building your expertise. Recently, I was asked: Is it okay to outsource my article writing?” What a great question. Of course, we all want to build our own companies and brands and articles are one way to do this. But, when you look at a BIG company, it is not just one person that is doing the writing, the branding and the building of the company. Just like a BIG company, you need to think BIG and be building a team of professionals that are each dedicated to your vision, your mission, your brand and can help you and support you in building that brand.

This means, yes you can outsource your article writing. BUT, and there is a big “but”, you want to set some guidelines and parameters. Anything is not okay. You want quality writing that is in alignment with your company, your voice and your brand. Articles need to present your business or company’s philosophy and not the authors. I had this problem with articles I had written for me. The author talked personally about her experience. I couldn’t use them because they didn’t reflect my philosophy or approach or experience. Layout the ground rules before you outsource.

Be clear with your guidelines, your approach to the topic and provide the author with as much background information as you can.

Writing can be accomplished by other parts of your team. You can delegate this task and it is okay. It does not have to be done by you and your alone.

There are many great outsourcing resources:

or check out the upcoming Outsource Live event with Daven Michaels.

{LINK 87}

The bottom line is that there is no need to feel guilty about delegating. It is a good thing to do in your business. The reality it, the way the question was asked, it felt like we shouldn’t outsource, that it was wrong, and as I write about here I realize, it is what we SHOULD be doing, for ourselves, our business growth and development and our teams. No need for guilt. Members of your company team whether in house or outsourced can contribute to the conversation that your company creates, and they can do it well.

Enjoy the day!

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