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Another Friday is here with the weekend approaching!


I am up in New Hampshire this week meeting with my business partner and friend Debora McLaughlin. We have had a great whirlwind of activity here with business meetings, collaborative partnership meetings and networking. I was thrilled to get to attend a women’s networking luncheon. I learned so many great things from this group of women.


Last week I told you about the great pastry chef that I met at the NJAWBO Procurement event. Well, she made the most impressive cookies for our presentation with the Real World Leadership logo on the cookie. We left a lasting impression!! We were also thrilled to have a couple of extras for tasting! They are delicious as well.


The real value of networking, new business connections, and relationships.


I am heading back from NH today and will be on the road all day but wanted to get this out to you first!


Enjoy the Friday Update!


In this issue:


-+-Article: Why is Writing Valuable to Your Businss

-+- BizologyBuzz Radio Next Week: Tuesday April 26th at Noon with Guest Joyce Restaino: Words: What Message Do They Send About You and Your business?


-+- Upcoming Training Opportunities

1. Webinar Webinar: The Nuts and Bolts: Next Week Friday

2. LinkedIn: Building Business through LinkedIn: NEW DATE

-+- Classified Ads: Be Sure to Check Out Our Classified Ads.


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Article: Why Writing is Valuable to Your Business


Writing, Content and Why It All Matters!


Once you start compiling your content and adding it to your blog, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make money with your new found information. I’ve got a few ideas to help you get started, so let’s get to it – I know this is what you were waiting on wasn’t it?


For many business owners they totally miss out on the value of their content and writing and that they can use and reuse the same content to build their business. So, let’s talk about some of the ways that you can use your valuable content to monetize your business:


1. Publish a Book: Once you have written an E-Zine or Blog for a few months, you most likely have enough content to publish a book or an e-book. On Tuesday’s radio show we will be talking with Joyce Restaino about just this very thing. Using your content for creating a valuable resource for your subscribers or clients.


2. Promote Affiliate Programs

Finding products you can promote within your content is a great way to make money with your blog. One way to do this is to sign up for an affiliate program for the items you would like to promote. Once you’ve found them and signed up you’ll receive a link (your affiliate link) that you can use to send your blog readers to the product. When they make a purchase using your link, you’ll be rewarded with commissions.


We have an affiliate program here with Bizology.Biz through ClickBank. It is a way for people that find Bizology.Biz valuable to share it with their contacts and then earn a commission for each sale. In fact, with Bizology.Biz the commission is a recurring one as it is a monthly program. So, our affiliates keep earning money for each month that their referral stays in the program.


We also have an affiliate program at the Real World Leadership Institute for folks that know frustrated leaders


When posting your content, think of items that will compliment the content and search for affiliate programs for those types of products. For instance, if you’re posting an article that discusses using video online, you could promote the software you use to create your own videos. Do you have a product or service you love and couldn’t live without? Put together a product review and use your affiliate link to send your reader to the company’s website. A word of caution with reviews – a reader can tell if you’re just pushing a product to make a sale so be honest. If there is something you don’t like about it, tell them.

You can find affiliate programs in many places, but here are a few I recommend:


The Company’s Website – More and more business owners are realizing just how much creating an affiliate program for their products and services can increase business. Check right on the company’s website for information on how to sign up for their affiliate program.


Affiliate Networks – You can find tons of products in every market you could dream of here. Just sign up for a free publisher account, locate products you’d like to promote. That’s all there is to it.


Free Affiliate Articles – If you’re looking for content that is ready for affiliate links visit and you’ll find a bunch.


Mom Affiliate Network – If you cater to the mom market, I highly recommend checking this site out for family friendly products.


You’ll also find programs to help Internet marketers and those who want to work from home here.


Search Engines – Many times you can put the type of product you’re looking to promote plus the words “affiliate program” into your browser’s search feature and you’ll find lots of options.


Selling other people’s information is just one way that you can monetize your blog or website. You can also take your own valuable content and create books, products and your own affiliate program.


I will be talking about these tips next week…. or you can find more ideas on my blog at:



BizologyBuzz Radio is live on Tuesday, April 26th at Noon.

Joyce Restaino joins me to discuss:

Words: What Message Do They Send About You and Your business?


From your e-mail messages to your website, the words you use represent you and your business. In fact, in today’s content-driven culture, your words are more important than ever. How do your words represent you? What image do they create? What message do they send about you and your business?


Joyce Restaino, an award-winning writer and editor, will share insider secrets to make your writing more inviting—to help you position yourself as an industry thought-leader, attract more ideal clients, and keep customers coming back for more.


Tune in to learn…


 The 3 things every business owner needs to know before writing.

 The single biggest writing mistake business owners make. (Are you guilty?)

 An easy method to help you write clearly and connect with your audience.

 How to turn readers (prospects) into loyal customers.

 The one thing you must never lose sight of—or you risk losing your faithful followers.


More about Joyce Restaino


Using the power of the written word to boost visibility and credibility, Joyce specializes in creating and cranking out content for clients by transforming their knowledge and know-how into articles, blog posts, newsletters, e-zines, tip sheets, and special reports. Joyce is also happy to ghostwrite or coauthor an e-book or hard copy book with individuals who dream about becoming published authors.


Joyce is the editor of the forthcoming book Jersey Women Mean Business: Big, Bold Business Advice from 100 New Jersey Women Business Owners: Practical Pointers, solutions, and Strategies for Business. Visit for information and events about the book, its contributing authors, and timely tips for growing your business.


To find out how Joyce can transform your knowledge and know-how into articles, blogs, e-zines, books, and more, call 973-697-1721, visit or e-mail Joyce at For your free copy of “The Ultimate Writing Checklist: 12 Things You Must Do Before You Hit Send,” send her an e-mail with “Writing Checklist” in the subject line.


© Joyce Restaino


Listen to the show at:

or call in on our listener line: (718) 664-6194.




Upcoming Training Opportunities:


Webinar Details: How to Run a Webinar — The Nuts and Bolts


In this 90 minute webinar I am planning to share the nuts and bolts of how I run webinars. How I set it up from the registration page to the marketing. And the tools that I use to actually bring people onto the webinar. I will review the tools available and what i have used and found to be user friendly and successful.


I am also providing a comprehensive report that will give you even more details about webinars and how they work.


New Date: Friday April 29th at Noon.

To learn about the webinar training:

{LINK 93} -+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+–+-

LinkedIn for Business

May 6th 2011

12 Noon – 1:30 PM EST


Many people that I talk to say that they keep getting invitations from people on LinkedIn but they don’t know what to do with them. Others say they did set up their profile but then didn’t know what to do. With 80+ million people on LinkedIn I know that there are business prospects for you.


Join me on Friday, May 6th at noon to learn how to connect, how to build trusted relationships and really utilize LinkedIn to your business advantage. It is a very cool networking tool AND it does take some work to get to know it and how to really use it. Let me show you the way. LinkedIn is another strategy for getting traffic to your website. In the search engines your LinkedIn profile could rank higher than your website, but what a great thing. Everything we do on the Internet is about increasing our web ranking, increasing our web traffic, building new networks and relationships AND ultimately increasing our business. LinkedIn is ONE more strategy that is very powerful for doing all of that. Don’t miss out on the webinar!


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You can also view this newsletter at:


Leave your comments, ideas and build a link back to your site!!




Have a GREAT Weekend.


All the best,



Donna Price

Business Success Coach


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