CrAzY Idea!!!

crazyideaI had this totally crazy idea last night!

Sleepless nights can lead to crazy things!sleepless

Anyway — YOU can benefit 100% from it because I didn’t just let the idea sit there!

I am actually implementing it…….

So, you may be wondering — what on earth did she come up with! I think it has to do with hanging out with the folks from My Lead System Pro…. they are all a crazy bunch and doing wild things on the Internet with their businesses!

playhardI decided I had to become wild again…I’ve been playing to conservative.

It’s not really how I play the game! Watch out 2015 — wildness is just around the corner.

Anyway…. I divert.

The idea!!

A special holiday sale– not on the training programs like Google Plus or Instagram or Video
Marketing — they are already priced so low….

But make it really good!!


Yes, 50%…. off of what?



Coaching Services —



yes, you can discount

1 time per month coaching
2 times per month coaching
or 3 times per month coaching and SAVE 50%….

Use the coupon code: holidays2014 at checkout…




Now, I just created the code. And as I write thisĀ  and now I am thinking….should I leave the pricing at 50% for onetime or give whoever chooses to ACT
this pricing for life!!

I have to tell you that right now — it is set up at this crazy discount for one time, BUT — I think I am heading back to the coupon
to make it a lock-in for life price for fast action takers…

Now, you might wonder — what would coaching really do for me and my business.

Well, I coach people in different ways and it is all based on YOU — the client.

  • I have clients that are writing books and getting them published…
  • I have clients that are building an incredible network marketing business….
  • I have clients that just getting started and some that started long ago and need a refresh…
  • The most successful people partner with a coach!

Not sure… schedule a cup of tea laser coaching session with me and we can talk about the WHAT…

But the bottomline is that it is about YOU playing hard and winning!!

Okay…so the link to access coaching services and use your discount code is:
Coaching Services

CLICK HERE To Use YOUR Discount Code!

Midnight on Christmas Eve
Midnight on Christmas Eve

Oh, and before I forget…. it is time limited offer–the coupon expires at midnight on Christmas Eve (December 24th)AND there are limited spots.

I don’t have unlimited time — so I had to put a cap on how many new clients I could accept.

All coaching will start as soon as we can schedule…. with many starting before the New Year!

I am excited to work with YOU.

Happy Happy Holidays to you and yours!!
May the New Year bring you the success you have been working for!

All the best,

Business Success Coach, Donna Lynn Pricehappyholidays

P.S. Don’t hesitate here!!! Have a question?

Schedule a time with me for a 15 minute laser coaching session to get moving fast, right now!

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