Could Your Marketing Strategy Be WRONG?

LeadGeneration_Design1_03Marketing Strategy is more than just tactics

Could it be that everything you’ve learned about marketing is wrong?  Well, we are seeing many, many businesses fail and it is largely due to lack of leads, conversions and increased revenue.  Would a business fail if it had all the leads it needed coming into it each and every day? Would a business fail if they had a system for converting leads to clients or customers — consistently?

But many do not have these systems in place.

New Business Leads Are Often the Make or Break of Business

Leads come and then they go. Or they sit stagnate without followup or follow through.

Systems that generate leads are no good if you do not have a system to convert the lead to a client or customer — either now or in the future.

If you are not capturing the leads that come your way — then you have wasted both time and money.

How do you put all of the pieces together? It is a puzzle, but there is a strategic way to put the pieces together.

It is not just a haphazard throwing together of tactics. They are no good to you without strategy.

For instance, if you decide to exhibit at a trade show but then have no follow up strategy — you have just wasted, time, money and marketing collateral at the trade show and you are feeling like the show didn’t work.  What really didn’t work was YOU!  Follow up is the biggest area of failure for business owners.  They put together marketing tactics and do not have the complete marketing strategy thought out.

Marketing effectively is strategic.  It is a process and a system —> from beginning to end.

If you run an ad without a planned strategy and system then you have flushed money right down the toilet.  Will you get calls?  Maybe, but without a system those calls will go no where.

Learn the pieces of what is wrong with your marketing strategy so that you can fix it!!



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