Could an Organized Business Produce Better Results?

Change is one of the ways to move into a new realm of success. You could be stuck in a routine that is not working, that hasn’t been working but is safe and familiar.  By making some key changes in your business you could break through.  One area that can change is your overall organization: by de-cluttering and streamlining your business. Is your business organized?  Could it affect your level of success?  Or is your business just organized in a sense that has worked for you up to now?

For some organization comes naturally.  If that is the case for you, I encourage you to look at small changes that you can make that can help you to make a shift in your business. Getting yourself organized is not necessarily a fun thing to do.  It facilitates a smoothly business operation. It can feel like menial work – shuffling papers, recording of services, hours, products, inventory, monitoring calendars, appointments, bookkeeping, etc.

The view that this type of work is menial or grunt work can get in your way.  As a small business owner, you know that you have to be a “Jack of all trades”, at least for a while.  Knowing your systems and business becomes an asset to you as you grow your business and outsource these tasks.  It is all the reason why some businesses fail while others succeed.

Organization can fall by the wayside, especially when business is busy.  But setting up systems to keep yourself organized, helps to keep you on track. From the beginning, you can set up an organized system, but if you haven’t done it yet, now is a GREAT time to do it.

Shifts in organization can free up time and resources for you.  But it can also be the shift in your operations that takes your business to a new level.  Don’t abandon the notion of organization. If the current time is too busy, be sure to prioritize it when you have some free moments.  Think of it as a strategy of success – a way to find time, money and other resources within your business.  Saving money can be one of the factors that takes your business to a new level of profitability.  If you are at a slow point in your business, rather than feeling bad, seize this opportunity for building a new infrastructure in your company.

That positive attitude, gives you the insight into your business, that this slow time is actually an opportunity for building foundation, structure and systems that will maintain your business in the long run.  The current economy has slowed buying in many arenas.  People need compelling reasons to buy.  Having your systems in place, your marketing message clear, and your customer service at the high “wow” factor you are positioning your business for high sales. You stand out from the crowd and are able to take your business higher.  What steps can you take today that will enhance your business operations?  Take one step today that increases your organization, and then another tomorrow.

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