Content Marketing

content marketing

Content Marketing Builds Relationships

Should you bother with content?? Is content marketing effective? Great questions! The content world has definitely changed. And yes, there are some that are saying that it is a waste of time. BUT…. I believe that it has real value.

I think it is a way for people to find you, get to know you, vet you and make decisions about working with you.

YES! Content can do all of those things.

Let’s say…. you go to a networking event and you meet a few people. They get ONE snippet of YOU, what you do, your expertise.

After you leave the meeting, you send them each an email with a special freebie — and now they are on your email list. You email them via your automatic email system (auto-responder), and each email shares a different side of YOUR story, different services, products etc. It could be months later or for me once it was 8 years later — that they call.

They NEED what you have, because now they KNOW you, LIKE you, TRUST you. AND it is the RIGHT time, with the RIGHT offer to solve their BIG problem. IF you had just come home and dropped their business card into the shoe box and not done anything with it…. they would NEVER have called.

So, how do you craft content?? It is easy, really! And I have a content idea guide for YOU.

In fact it has 50 WAYS to Create Content!!


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