Compass Rose Leadership Navigator Radio Launch with LADDER Summit


Business Success Coach, Donna Price, announces the launch of her second radio show:  Compass Rose Leadership Navigator, with the first show Tuesday April 24th, 2012. At 2:00 pm EST.



Newton, New Jersey. April 19, 2012: Donna Price, Business Success Coach, welcomes guests from the LADDER Summit to the launch of Compass Rose Leadership Navigator, a talk radio show for business leaders.  Guests:  Dr. Christine Overton and Rajeev Sharma.


The LADDER Summit is a new leadership conference sponsored by the Hanover Area of Chamber of Commerce.  The LADDER Summit has a prime motivation is to empower and equip small & medium size organizations with strong leadership, management toolkits and best practices besides creating an avenue for collaborative endeavors amongst the participants.


The Summit has two visionaries and gurus who are also recognized by the community as beacons of wisdom. The Sun Clan Chief Dr Loren Hohep‘Ya Sekayumptewa will address the business community as the chief guest of the summit. What makes this summit special is the fact that Dr Loren who hails from the Hopi Nation (the oldest Native American Indian Nation), has never ever before delivered a public speech of this nature in any Chamber across the world.


Shri Gautam Jain, a leading Vedanta expert & disciple of the world renowned spiritual guru Swami Parthasarathy, will deliver the keynote address. Gautam Jain who is respectfully addressed as “Gautamji” comes from a stellar academic background having studied in the US. He shunned corporate life and after his graduation returned to India to follow his true inner calling – “The Spiritual Path”. He has given seminars and lectures in prestigious institutions like MIT, Princeton, IBM , Goldman Sachs & AT &T to name a few.


Dr Christine Overton; President & CEO of the Chamber along with Rajeev Sharma and Joe  will be joining host Donna Price to discuss the Summit and it’s acronym:  LADDER.   Dr Christine is herself a well known leader and a UN representative. She has travelled the world and has lectured and coached leaders and senior management teams around the world.  Dr. Rajeev Sharma is a dynamic leader and consultant himself as CEO and Founder of Dynalead.


Callers are welcome to join the conversation during the show by calling (347) 326-9947. The live, Internet talk radio show will stream from the host page at:


About Compass Rose Leadership Navigator:

Compass Rose Leadership Navigator is the radio resource for business leaders and their leadership staff.  Host, Donna Price, is The Business Success Coach and shares vital business leadership information through author interviews, expert guests, book club reviews and strategic business calls. Compass Rose Leadership Navigator is designed to help leaders navigate the challenges of people dynamics, changing economies, and all topics leadership: including business strategy, business leadership, employee engagement, conflict in the workplace, bullying at work, management and other hot business topics.  Compass Rose Leadership Navigator is a resource for leaders dedicated to personal leadership development and lifelong learning.


About Compass Rose Consulting, LLC

Donna Price, M.S., M.S. President and Founder of Compass Rose Consulting, LLC; is The Business Success Coach working with many business leaders to improve results through powerful strategic planning, leadership development and team building. Compass Rose Consulting, LLC has been in operation since 2003. Donna is the author of “Coaching Staff for Success” “Bizology.Biz:  The Science of Building Thriving Businesses”, and “Launching Your Dream”.

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