Business Owner Commitment and Determination Create a Solid Foundation For Success

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As a business owner, your commitment to the business and your determination to succeed build your solid foundation for success. But there are challenging times when you might need an extra dose of determination and commitment, as your personal supply dwindles..

There are hundreds of stories that model this type of determination and success. The “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series was submitted to many, many publishers that turned it down. Each of those publishers later kicked themselves, I’m sure. But it was the determination of the authors that kept them sending it out one more time. Or the actor, accidentally discovered while waiting tables or by a fluke ended up at a talent search.

Determination, commitment and belief are often at the core of these stories. It is the passion and belief in your own abilities that moves you into continuous action, and then determination keeps you there.

Your positive attitude exceeds just a “we can do this” type of attitude. But rather it takes your belief and passion, or your love of what you do that helps you to see it through to the end, your success. For many that means taking that leap to move into the realm of success and turn your business into one that thrives, using all of the resources at hand to get you there.

The technology of the Internet adds massive resources for all business owners. The Internet is a resource for networking with your target market, building your expertise and market your services or products. Using the Internet can be a low cost option if done correctly. You can use the Internet as your market place or as an additional market place for your business. It gives you the ability to quickly do research on your business, your market and how to access them.

It is all there and it is easily accessible.

Despite What You Might Want, Marketing IS a Requirement

With business, it is rarely, “If you build it, they will come”. Usually, they only come to your business when you market the business and tell people about it. You have to build a reputation and rapport with your clients and prospects in order to build your business. Marketing is a requirement, and a passion for marketing will help. If you hate marketing, then you will struggle with effective marketing. If you can find a way to become passionate about marketing, just like you are for your business you will do better. Whether you are an online business or an offline business, you HAVE to market.

The Internet offers many marketing resources, but there is also a learning curve that for some will be mountainous. But it is worth the effort in the payoff.

Personal Development Keeps You On The Cutting Edge

Your positive attitude most likely also gives you a passion for learning. In the world of business it is important to be open to new technology, new ideas and new strategies. By remaining open to learning about each of these you stay on the cutting edge of business. Increasing your knowledge gives you advantages over competitors. Your knowledge makes you valuable to the business, but also to your colleagues, clients and prospects. People will seek you out.

When you learn new skills and tasks it gives you more information for outsourcing each of these eventually and the ability to be effective in working with specialists. It also enhances your confidence.

Profitable businesses take time. Staying the course through this development timeline is the challenge. As a business owner you can become weary. But when you have a foundation of your passion and positive attitude you are stronger in the business environment. With determination you can see your business succeed.

Keeping a focus on your business vision gives you energy for continuing to do the work each day to build that success. With a clear and compelling vision that you are tied to makes you even more determined.

Business Owner Commitment and Determination Create a Solid Foundation For Success


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