Collaborative Marketing

collaborative marketingCollaborative Marketing just makes good sense.  When you work with other business owners to create mutually beneficial marketing strategies everyone wins!  Some of the things to keep in mind are:

  • work with business owners that you respect and can honestly promote
  • work to build long lasting relationships with other businesses
  • work in ways that make sense for your business and target market
  • be willing to stretch yourself and try new things (ie. social media)
  • evaluate the results to be sure that your marketing strategy is making sense in the long term.

There are many low cost or no cost strategies that can create real world buzz when you work with other people on them.  Adding collaborative partners adds to your reach.  If your partners each have a contact list of 1000 people and you work with 5 collaborative partners you have just been able to reach 5000 potential customers that you didn’t have access to earlier.

Have a strong call to action.  This is the step that most people miss.  Their ads or social media marketing have no real call to action.  Offer something to your prospects — a free report, a tip sheet, a coupon — something of value that they want.

Tell them exactly what to do and what is in it for them.

Partners can all share information about each other with their contact lists, make introductions, share special offers etc.  When sharing other partner information with your contacts it gives the information more credibility because you are making the recommendation.

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