Coaching Staff Training Program

coaching staffCoaching Staff for Success Training Programs:

Imagine….staff that is inspired, motivated, and working hard to produce results for you…..

If you are business owner with staff then your business results depend on your ability to work in partnership with your staff.  Their loyalty and commitment to your business increases your results and ultimately your bottom line.  But employee relationships are among the most difficult.  There’s an unwritten “we” versus “them” mentality that exists even when the owner works to not have that. Employee Coaching for Business Success gives you the framework for building an effective partnership with your staff and the skills to coach them for success (both yours and theirs).

Coaching Staff for Business Success is designed to give you the skills and the framework for coaching your staff, building them up and helping them to achieve their vision as well as yours.

This eight session (virtual) or two day training program is packed full of skill development information for your managers and for you. You will learn the skills you need to change your work environment and make it one that is highly productive.

As a manager and supervisor for many years I tried to “coach” staff but I didn’t have the complete picture of what those skills are or know how to create the environment to make it all work.  Working with poor performers is frustrating.  As frustration builds performance often gets worse instead of better.  I have lived through that frustration. I have seen teams frustrated and staff under-performing.

After training as a coach, I found the skills that managers and business owners need to really create the work environment that most of us are striving for.  I had the skills and I used some of them as a manager but now this program puts them all together for you.  And, I coach you to be a successful coach yourself.

You will learn – the fundamental coaching skills every manager needs to know and use to guarantee their results

You will learn – coaching skills that enhance the performance of your staff and help you to create a partnership with them that is focused on success and results. (Benefiting your bottom line results)

You will learn – how to use your annual performance appraisal as a positive meeting for enhancing employee performance and change the framework of the performance appraisal to one that is employee focused and builds on success.

You will learn to – create an instant rapport and “tune-in” to your staff so that you know what is happening in the workplace and can make changes as needed.  Staffs have a wealth of knowledge for you about what is working and what isn’t working; you want that knowledge and that rapport with staff.

You will learn how to – co-create a partnership and vision for you and your employee that enhances their productivity, attitude and performance.

You will learn how to – empower leadership within your staff.  With empowered leadership comes improved workplace operations and productivity.

You will build – a trusting relationship with each staff member, so that they are working harder for you.

You will learn – new tools to give staff to prosper and thrive to build staff.

The real benefits to you as the owner or manager are: results that your team will produce for you after you master these coaching skills.  You will see:

  • increases in productivity
  • improved performance
  • decreases in absenteeism & staff turnover
  • a shift in culture to one of loyalty and commitment.

You will feel better about your meetings with staff.
You will sleep at night because you know that you are providing a great work environment and you are creating a successful business.

Ultimately, your job will become easier because you will know that you have dedicated, qualified, competent staff working for you.

Employee Coaching for Business Success gives you the skills you need AND from the comfort of your home or office.

There are no travel expenses, no travel time, no time away from your business or family!

Coaching Staff for Business Success will teach you the skills you need to work more effectively with your staff.

Do your staffs not treat your business with as much passion as you do?
Are you trying to achieve something that staffs just aren’t on board with?

Learn the skills to shift the culture to a performance culture that is passionate about the company vision & achieving it.

You will learn practical, usable coaching skills.  You will have the chance to practice these skills, ask questions, and get feedback.  Each class is packed full of information.  We provide you with:

Class Materials:

Donna’s new book: “Employee Coaching for Success” (formerly: Coaching Staff for Success)

Six 90 Minute Video Conference Classes with recording link for each call available within 48 hours following the class.

One three hour – strategic planning for individuals class where you will get to create your personal strategic plan for success.

One 90 Minute – Follow-Up Conference Call to ensure that you are implementing the framework and providing coaching and consulting on what is and isn’t working. Typically 60-90 days after completing the program.

One on-line subscription to the Performance Improvement System we use in our coaching programs (Value $199) Additional subscriptions are available for other team members.

Personal Coaching Session ($250 Value). You will receive one personal coaching session. During this one hour session you will have the opportunity to develop your personal skills, create your personal plan for implementing the material you have learned in the class and ask any questions you have that you felt you couldn’t ask during the class. This coaching session really gives you the chance to put this material into practice in your unique setting, with the help of a professional coach.

Online Group to Discuss Class Materials with other participants In addition to Donna participating in the email group, other participants can also respond to your questions, challenges and successes.  The value of a group is tremendous.  The group brings with it tremendous experience and insight.  You benefit from all of that when you join the group and participate.

Your business is your passion; its success your ultimate goal.  You are depending on your staff to help to get you there.  If you don’t use effective coaching skills in building your staff and supporting their success, ultimately your business fails.

Join Employee Coaching for Business Success to build your skills and your success.  You can’t afford to have staffs that aren’t performing for you.  You can’t afford to wait to develop your effective coaching skills.

If you wait, you continue to lose money, clients, sales……Don’t wait any longer. Invest in yourself and your business.

Course Outline:

1. Creating the Framework for Using Coaching

Learn critical strategies for creating a coaching environment.  How to shift the workplace culture to a performance focused environment, coaching and empowerment.

2. Communicating Effectively, Active Listening, Powerful Questioning, Direct Communication

Powerful Questions, Observations and Requests How to think, language, and ask powerful questions, make powerful requests.

3. Juggling Managing and Coaching

As a manager there are times when you move back into a management role and shift out of coaching to an extent.  In this session we will review how to juggle, management, supervision, discipline and coaching.  Learn how to make it work.

4. Using an Effective Performance Improvement Tool. 

Learn how to integrate coaching into the performance appraisal tool and make the appraisal into a success plan that employees embrace and strive to master.

5. Ongoing Coaching, Shifting the Work Culture.

Keeping the plan alive and focused.  In this class we will review how to keep the employee’s plan alive but also how to keep the new shift in work culture positive and motivating.

6. Empowering Leadership

Learn how to create the space for leaders to emerge and empower them to lead. Many business managers fail to truly embrace new leaders.

So, Donna, why YOU?  Of all the consultants I can work with??

I LOVE this question!

Here is what I would say, if we were on the phone….. having tea!
The choice is of course, YOURS. You have to be comfortable with the person that you are working with.

What I bring to you is this:
I am interested in YOUR success.
I will give to you my time, my experience and my knowledge that I know works.
I will do it respectfully, honoring your journey all along the way.
I will push you, but its gentle, not loud or obnoxious.
I have a real world coaching solution that you can put into action.
I have sat in the uncomfortable meetings that you have probably had or avoided and had them. I can teach you how to do it, so that they aren’t as painful.
I have figured out how to connect with staff and get them talking to me.
I love being in your corner cheering for you!

What’s the cost?

Another great question.  I like to know that info too. So, here it is — straight.

The online program is $1498 for the first manager and $998 for each additional manager.
The in-person program is negotiated based on the number of people and location.  It is typically one and half to two days.

Here is the link to apply to the program: HERE
Here is the link to schedule a virtual cup of tea with me to discuss — 15 powerful minutes. TEA

“As a small business owner, I used to dread writing annual employee performance appraisals as it always seemed like a negative experience for all involved. I was expected to point out deficiencies in performance and find some way to spin that information in a way that didn’t leave the employee feeling like a deflated balloon.  After attending a seminar where Donna from Compass Rose Consulting spoke on this very subject, I invited her to speak at our annual managers retreat.  Since then we have used her method exclusively and I’m glad to report that the process has come full circle from a truly negative experience to a positive experience for all involved! “
Susan Stark, V.P.
Montague Tool & Supply Co., Inc