Have You Moved Into the Clouds? Cloud Computing Is Here!

cloudsAre You Cloud Computing Yet?

Lots of businesses are moving to the “cloud”. Here my daughter has been doing a project on clouds. Confusing — same word — totally different meaning!!

Anyway!!– I have decided to move into the cloud as well!

I have partnered with a company that provides a cloud solution and it has a monetization component as well. they actually have several services that are beneficial to business.

-+-Collaborative workspace — work from anywhere!!
-+-Webinar and Video Meeting platform that is EASY to use and gives you the ability to meet, collaborate or present.
-+-Premium email, office task manager…

And then there are their mobile services —
-+- VOIP to 100 countries on your cell phone
-+- Mobile phone and services
-+- and the very exciting Space Computer!!

In looking at it I saw an opportunity to SAVE money and improve what I had. I needed Cloud backup — this is less than Dropbox, and has unlimited space….

2015-01-09_1137Exciting to see new opportunities for businesses emerge in our ever changing Internet space.


If you are looking for these types of services or your clients are AND you are interested in an opportunity that can monetize that aspect of your business — then definitely check it out.

I have a monetization strategy in my business that creates multiple streams of revenue.wearables

When people join me in this opportunity I do make money and I also provide coaching and training to you so that you can make money….


When you put all of your eggs in one basket — then you are limiting your potential.

Cloud computing for me made sense as we prepare for bigger travel.  It gives me the ability to access my online business from anywhere in the world.  Part of that is already possible with websites, email etc.  But the files on my computer are not accessible and now as we move into the stratosphere they are!

Just like clouds in the sky there are different types of cloud solutions.  So it is important to know what you want, need and what you are getting. There are some options that are purely back up or storage.  While this option can provide that as well as the ability to collaborate on documents, meet with team members and access your office files from anywhere in the world with a connection!

Think about what your business could do with Cloud Computing.  Could you leave your computer behind and stop lugging it from place to place?  Could you accomplish more!

Cloud computing can offer to you a freedom that empowers you and your business.  Monetized it can offer you a lifestyle freedom as well.


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