Be A Visionary Womenpreneurs Inner Circle Champion

The new Visionary Womenpreneurs Inner Circle is launching and we are seeking 5-10 womenpreneur champions. Champions receive a complimentary membership at the Inner Circle Level and help in the sharing, celebrating and connecting womenpreneurs with the program. 

Help Connect Other Womenpreneurs

This is the foundation of the program... collaborative marketing. As a chamption, we will provide you with ways to help connect womenpreneurs with the program.

Promote Through Sharing

Champions are using the tools, the resources and are building success themselves. Sharing that success is the best way to connect other womenpreneurs with the program.

Record a Video

Record a video about the program. Why do you love it? Why do you love working with other womenpreneurs? Why do you believe in a mastermind type model? Share the love.

Becoming a Champion is Easy

Just complete the application and we will be in touch to chat. If we find we are on the same page, then your application will be approved and we will get you started!