What Can A CRASH Course Do For You?

Crash Courses are designed to get you started with an area.  We have developed several crash courses — Google+, Video Marketing, Pinterest, Publishing… they each give valuable information, lessons and resources.  They are each five days long with one email per day.  Maybe one or two of them have six emails.  But in general — its five days of good info to get you started.

If you decide that you need more in-depth training you can look at our training resources for more info.  We have a full compliment of resources for taking you deeper.  Not a DIYer, then we can always offer you the training package paired with individual laser coaching.  Laser coaching is focused right on the area you are working on — such as Google+ or Pinterest or getting your business book published.  Laser coaching is short and fast and focused.  Just 15 minutes-30 minutes.  Each 15 minute segment is $25.   That’s affordable! More comprehensive coaching goes beyond just how to get your Google+ page up and working for you… it goes into your overall marketing strategy.  That type of coaching is a minimum of 30 minutes and is $100 per 30 minute segment.

Start with our CRASH COURSE!  Learn a bit.  And then sign up for additional coaching segments.

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