I am thrilled to be participating in the BWNICE Giveback program for July 2021!!

Here you can find all of the details of how you can be a part of the Giveback!!

Here at Compass Rose Consulting we offer courses, memberships and coaching. Courses, so that you can do learning on your own schedule. Memberships to give you access to everything…. And Coaching — when you want to take the learning to the next level with additional support putting together strategies that will work for your business!

For JULY — we are giving 20% and you can save 10% with the coupon code: BWNICEMEMBER

Ways to participate:

1. Pick up a copy of Becoming a Bizologist (free)

This new book gives you a complete overview of how to create the systems within your business for growth. Learn the 8 Profitability Accelerators, learn the ACCT framework and more…..

2. Join the Facebook Group for the BWNICE Giveback!

In the Facebook group, I will be sharing tips and strategies each week, sharing some free resources and giving away a few things as well!! Let’s have fun!!

3. Shop for a course or membership at CRC

At Compass Rose Consulting, LLC we have courses, memberships and coaching programs. When you purchase anything on the site you will be giving back to BWNICE 20% and saving 10% with the coupon code: BWNICEMEMBER at checkout.

I believe that the work we are all doing with BWNICE is critical. We, together, with each partner organization are making a difference in our communities and for that, I am grateful to be a part!

Giving back to BWNICE will support that work for each chapter and help BWNICE to grow across the country! I am honored to be able to help in that BIG vision and give back.

During the Give Back event, I am also offering a complimentary 30 minute coaching session — I call it a Profitability Assessment. Let’s get together and talk about the challenges YOU face in your business. I will share my insights with you, right there, and I will NOT ask you to buy a thing!! Schedule your consult, today!!