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Donna is the author of “Yes! Marketing Works!” A guide to making your marketing work.

Donna provides training and presentations for a variety of marketing topics for adding new leads, new business and increasing bottom line revenue. Perfect for small business owners and leaders as well as corporate marketing directors.

  • Making Your Marketing Work!
  • Integrated Marketing Strategies
  • Strategic Marketing
  • The Landing Page Strategy
  • Lead Generation and Client Attraction
  • Reactivating Former Clients
  • Reputation Management — Why YOUR Online Reputation Matters
  • Online Marketing for Offline Businesses
  • The Marketing Puzzle

Donna has provided extensive training to small business leaders in the area of marketing and marketing strategies.  If you don’t see the topic you are looking for here, then reach out and ask.  It is possible that Donna has covered it in some way.

Is That Your Hat?

Wearing the Multiple Hats of a Small Business Owner & How to succeed with Your Head Piled High!
This is a fun, energetic presentation.  Donna uses a collection of hats representing all of the roles that an entrepreneur has/wears.  Through her description of each hat and its importance in the entrepreneur’s collection she weaves the story of success.  She shares keys for creating success within business.  She explores how to decide which hats to wear and which ones to share or give away. Entrepreneurs will have fun. From vision, to values to web presence and more!  Entrepreneurs will learn valuable, tangible information, while laughing at Donna and themselves!  The hat boxes and hats make this presentation memorable and the talk of the event.

Vision, Strategy and Implementation —

The Keys to Success
Success begins with vision, a clear and compelling vision. Donna guides participants through a powerful process of creating your life or business vision. With vision, strategy can be developed that moves the vision forward.  Donna shares keys to implementation — the step where many individuals and organizations fall short.

Walking Our Talk —

Leading to Our Highest Ideal
Business leaders strive to lead high performing teams.  Walking Our Talk brings together the vision of the high performing team and the keys to achieving just that, creating alignment between the leader’s talk and their actions, resulting in teams that produce results.

“Your workshop was the most informative one that I attended in regards to application in my own work. I especially liked your info because it addressed issues more at a micro-level. Which I will consider putting into use with my current and future planning here. I administer all of the non-credit programs at a small community college in upstate NY. It is a secretary, me, and about 70 instructors we use throughout the year – about 15 topic areas from customized business training through summer youth enrichment programs. Busy doesn’t describe it. It seems our college is always involved in some stage of strategic planning.  My department keeps changing.”   Workshop Participant, AEE Regional Conference, April 2007