Business Building Tools I LOVE (part 2)

For Business Building — WordPress Really RULES for building an online presence!!
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So, in the last post, I shared a bit about WordPress as your content management system and website builder!! It is by far my favorite business building web presence tool.

I use my site, this site, for my primary content hub.  I blog here and share information.  I believe that you want YOUR website to be the HUB of YOUR content.  I write, I share it all to social media and that brings people back HERE to my site.  Then I have the opportunity within a post to include a call to action and invite people to join my email list.

I also have my memberships here and products (books) and “shopping cart”. I use a membership plugin to manage my site and access to member only materials.  I currently use Lifter LMS. It allows me to create membership areas, and courses.  It is connected to my credit card processor (STRIPE) and you can make purchases right on the site and check out, right there as well.

Immediately, you will receive an email with information to access whatever you purchased. AND, you are added to my email marketing list and I have the opportunity to continue sharing my story with you, building a relationship and rapport.

There are many, many ways that you can customize your site and add functionality to it.

I manage my affiliate program via wordpress using — (you guessed it!!) — a Plugin!  I use WP-Affiliates. I found that it is simple and easy to use, tracks people and their referrals.  Affiliates or Joint Venture partners help to promote your services and receive compensation for their efforts.  Affiliate commissions vary from 10% to over 70%. It depends on what is being sold and what the strategy is in paying a commission.

I might decide on one product — my front-end product, that I am going to pay 70% or maybe even 100%, because I am using that product to gain leads. I am willing to give my affiliate all or most of the product because I KNOW that I am going to make money on the back-end or upsell offer and on that I have my commission set lower.

Here is a brief recap of using wordpress:

  1. Set up a hosting account and buy a domain
  2. Install wordpress onto that domain
  3. Select a theme that you like and can customize to your colors, look and feel of your company.
  4. Add plugins for functionality as needed but minimally add:
    1. Rank Math (for optimizing your posts and pages)
    2. UpdraftPlus (for backups)
    3. Wordfence (for security)
    4. ASkimet (to block spammers)

Get started and don’t get scared!! You can do this!

Remember that everything is fixable….

Start building your basic FIVE pages:

  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • Contact Us
  • Blog

Business Building with Your Online Presence

The most important part of building your online presence is to get it published. Do NOT get stuck on perfection.  That is NOT the goal. You need to be online!  Updating, refining, improving your site — each benefit your website.  Google does not like sites that are static.  That means making changes, adding content, all help Google to keep visiting your site and indexing your site.  You WANT Google to visit.  A static site is put up and then never touched again.  It just sits and the owner thinks they have a good online presence. But that is a mistake. A good online presence is dynamic and evolving — constantly!  New blog posts, news, updates, articles, videos, podcasts all contribute to your online presence and can be on your central HUB — your WordPress site!!

In the comments below, let me know the challenges that you are facing with your wordpress site!!

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