Book Publishing Workshop

Book Writing, Publishing & Marketing Workshop

Publishing a Book Can Be Your Best Business Card!!

If you are a business owner then you should have, can have a book. Book Publishing is one of the most POWERFUL marketing strategies.

Books are one of the best ways to increase your credibility and status as an expert in your field. Book publishing in this day and age is fun, easy and fast!!  It can be low cost and still highly effective!!

When you are a published author then…. people believe you are an EXPERT! Book publishing is no longer a hard thing to do or an expensive strategy. In fact, there are ways to use book publishing in your business that are inexpensive and even no cost.  Its all about HOW you do it.

Join me as I help you get your knowledge on paper and printed into a BOOK.  My book publishing course is just the right amount of instruction and information to get you moving.

The course — 6 weeks filled with book writing, book formatting, book publishing content and marketing strategies!

Focused on Self Publishing your book within 90 days.

You can use your book to:

  • Generate leads
  • Giveaways
  • Customer thank you’s
  • Increase sales

For getting more:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Sales at speaking engagements

OR you can use your book as your business!

When you have a book — and you market it right — IT can be your business.

You might be thinking — I can’t write.

But my guess is that you have knowledge and expertise that your customers and your future customers are interested in. When you have that — then we can craft that knowledge into a book.

I have several different techniques that can be used to create a book.  So, don’t let that inner negative voice stop you before you start.

Week 1: Brainstorming Your Topic

In the first session you will receive a workbook for brainstorming and outlining your book.  We will cover idea generation. What on earth will you write about.  For me, this is one of the most fun weeks.  There are so many possibilities.  My clients and I have a problem figuring out which idea to work on first!!  I know that I am currently working on four book projects.  And more ideas are appearing all the time.  Once you get started, you will find that the ideas just flow.

Week 2: 30 Day Book Writing Formula

In week two I will share with you a powerful 30 day book writing formula.  You don’t have to finish your book in 30 days, but it is possible and I will show you how. You will leave this session with a workbook and checklist for getting your project going fast. We will brainstorm content.

Week 3: Publishing Platforms — The HOW to of Self Publishing & WHY

This is an exciting week. I will cover with you the ins and outs of self publishing.  The platforms that you can use.  Editing, layout and design, covers and the top things that most people leave off of their cover that you should NOT. This week will be all about print publishing.  ISBNs, Library of Congress and more.

Week 4: E-Book Publishing

Yes, you want to be in the E-Book market too.  We will discuss how to publish to Kindle and other e-format publishers.  I will share with you possible distribution strategies.  How to get your book on Audible in audio format and more!!

Week 5: Your Author Platform/Creating YOUR Marketing Platform

Having an author platform is important.  It is more than your blog.  But it does start there. We will discuss what to have on your blog, how to build other pieces of your author platform.  Author Central, author bio, press kit etc.

Week 6: Marketing! Marketing! Marketing!: Becoming a Best Seller; Your Book Launch Events; Online Book Marketing

Marketing is what makes your book a success.  And if you are a new author, you will need to do marketing whether you are self published or not  This session will build on the previous session your platform. From here we will discuss other author marketing strategies.  How to be a best seller on Amazon, how to use KDP to boost sales, other ways to sell your book using special sales.

A complete book publishing course from idea to published.

Two options:

Just the course! ¬†You can just take the course.–

Pre-recorded videos + workbooks, checklists, resource guides.

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Book Publishing + Coaching

With this option, you can schedule a coaching call each week up to 40 calls per year. The schedule is flexible because some people like the frequency of weekly and for some people its too much. Coaching gives you that one-on-one attention to get your book done.

We can brainstorm your particular business. We can review your outline. We can work on your author platform.

Whatever your needs are — we can focus on it.

You receive everything in the book publishing course — all of my book publishing info!

Who AM I?

Maybe you are wondering — who is Donna Price?  Can she really help ME get a book done?

I think I can.

I am a published author. I started out being part of a compilation book with Self and have participated (been asked) to be in 2 other books.

But, I also published my first book in 2006.  Then I made it a course and information product.

Now it is available in its 4th Edition.

I have 2 other books available as well and one in line to be published (just needs a bit more editing and formatting).

I have one client that has published 6 books with 5 more in process. I have helped several other clients to get their books done and inspired several others to do it alone.

So, I have been doing this a……WHILE.

Yes, there are many other experts out there.  You have decide which one is right for YOU.

I know that I can help you.  Let’s do this!!

Register today for the Workshop — for just $198.00 and get started today on your book!!

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There are always a few bonuses!


I will send you a copy of my book: Launching Your Dreams: Making WILD Ideas Happen

Private Facebook Group.

The Facebook group is a great place to meet other authors, get feedback, ask for testimonials or endorsements for your book, share ideas, collaborate on projects, get help with your book launch promotion, find blogs to post articles on and more and more!!

Radio Interview

I will interview you on my online radio show and provide you with the recording to use as you want on your website.

A radio interview is a great marketing tool. Having the recording on your site just adds value as it gives you a recording that you can use as a credibility builder on your site and with other radio hosts.

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