Blog or Website?

Which to Choose?

Creating your web presence in business is now essential.  But which format should you choose?  I have had my website for about 5 years now.  It has moved around from web designer to me to blog.  I personally like having control of my site and the updates that go on it.  I like to be able to add to it when it is right for me.  When working with a web designer you often are working on their schedule.

But the BIG question is which format should you choose.  I recommend to all of my clients now to choose a blogsite.  Let’s talk about the reasons for this.

  • Flexibility:  You can easily add content; you can work with a designer or virtual assistant to add content.
  • Look and Feel: There are thousands of blog templates available and you can easily change the look and feel of your site.
  • Integration:  Your blog integrates more easily with all of the social networking sites.  For instance, I am writing this post which will automatically be “tweeted” to my Twitter account.  I can also add a link easily to which will add it my LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.  With the rise and rage of social networking sites this is a real plus.
  • Ease of use: You can easily master blogging and add your own content.
  • Optimization:  Because you can easily add content to your blog it optimizes on the Internet more easily and with less effort.  Fresh content is part of the optimization plan.  Blogs are more easily updated with fresh content.
  • Functionality:  Blogs offer hundreds of “Plugin’s”  These offer a variety of different functions that give your blog more character and functionality.  For instance, I recently added Amazon to my blog.  Now with each post and page related book titles are offered for additional reading, through Amazon.  It was easy to set up and works automatically with each post.  You can easily add Plugin’s to your blog to customize it even more, and in ways that help your site.

I recommend using Word Press on your own domain.  WordPress is user friendly and can be intalled on most hosting accounts with great ease.

You can search through their templates and find the template (look and feel) that fits your business.  Or you can have a template custom made for you.  Many of the designers that offer their templates through WordPress are glad to help you customize one of their designs.  They are typically easy to work with and reasonably priced.

If you want help setting up your blog, email me today and I will get it set up and show you how to use.  I set up blogs, installed on your hosting account, and with template uploaded for a very reasonable rate of $350. US.  Email me today.

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