BizologyBuzz Radio: How to Get Free Publicity for Your Business

BizologyBuzz Radio: How to Get Free Publicity for Your Business 1BizologyBuzz Radio’s Host Donna Price, Welcomes Special Guest: Caryn Starr-Gates to share strategies for Free Publicity for Business.

December 20th, 2011

12 Noon Est

Newton, New Jersey. December 16, 2011:  Donna Price, Business Success Coach, host of BizologyBuzz Talk Radio is excited to be interviewing Caryn Starr-Gates to discuss How to Get Free Publicity for Your Business. As advertising budgets for many businesses shrink, the lure of getting visibility for a business through free publicity grows more attractive. Many companies are turning to “earned media”—the free press they generate to promote their products or services through various media channels—to give them the visibility they are hesitant to pay for through advertising channels.  Earned media is attained when a company is mentioned in a journalist’s story, a respected blogger’s entry, or virally through social networks. If this is an avenue you are exploring for your company there are a few tips to keep in mind.

BizologyBuzz Radio: How to Get Free Publicity for Your Business 2Caryn Starr-Gates is a freelance copywriter and owner of StarrGates Business Communications (, which she launched in 2009.

In a career that spans three decades, her experience includes writing retail fashion copy for regional and national department stores; promoting the launch of CNN, the world’s first 24-hour cable news network; ads and TV and radio spots for Anheuser-Busch, Ralston-Purina and ABC Television; ad campaigns and new product concepts for a diverse array of packaged goods products including children’s cereals, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and dog food, as well as banks, schools, airlines, and theme parks. In recent years Caryn has written extensively for lifestyle, education, life safety, food service, financial, retail, and professional services clients. She creates promotional sales copy for marketing materials, newsletter columns, articles, press releases, print and online ads, and website and social media content for her private clients and for those of the advertising, internet marketing, and public relations agencies with whom she works.

Caryn has enjoyed several interim careers between her start in advertising and today, including sous chef and restaurant manager, professional organizer, and gift basket designer and retailer; she has always applied her writing skills to each in unexpected ways. She  is an active member of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners and is currently serving her second round as the Bergen chapter president; she is also an avid volunteer in the community, working with social service agencies and non-profit charitable organizations to help those in need.

Caryn is the author of a chapter on the topic of “Free Publicity for Your Business” the upcoming book “Jersey Women Mean Business! Big, Bold Business Advice from 100 New Jersey Women Business Owners,” to be published by Woodpecker Press, LLC, in 2012. Listeners can go to and for more information.

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