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Bizology.Biz — The Business Growth System


Building a business is not easy. It takes courage, persistence, a willingness to take risks and ultimately — massive, imperfect ACTION!!

The good news is that YOU can do this!! You are about to learn about Bizology, my program that gives you the tools to grow your business.

The challenge is that most business owners went into business because they love what they do, OR they lost a job, OR they had a dream to be an entrepreneur. But most do not know the ins and outs of growing a successful business, or all of the pieces to running a thriving business. YOU are not alone! This is literally, the majority of business owners I meet. In fact, it was me!

The key is learning. Being an entrepreneur is the greatest personal growth journey you will ever take! You have to learn to lead, to be the visionary and to be the systems creator.

You have to master marketing and putting yourself out there. And you have to learn NOT to buy every “solution” that is pitched to you.

You need to have a clear and compelling vision — a strategic plan to make it happen and a marketing plan. Bizology.Biz is the complete business growth system.

Bizology.Biz is built on Four Pillars of Success:

  • Leadership — Vision, Values & Strategy
  • Marketing — Creating a Strategic Marketing Plan that Works!
  • Operations — Planning for smooth and efficient operating procedures
  • Products and Services — Business is built on products and services.

Each of these focuses on the Eight Profitability Accelerators!

These are the way that your business grows.

Really there are just eight factors that you can focus on to grow your business. When you focus on these profitability accelerators (systematically and consistently) then, you can intentionally and strategically GROW your profits. There are many, many tactics that you can use to effect a profitability accelerator, but if you do not understand what the accelerators are and HOW to impact them, then you are going to throw darts at the board, BLINDLY.

You, as the CEO, need to be strategic in your growth! We focus on the Profitability Accelerators consistently to change your results and impact your bottom line!!

AND then we ACCT
Assess – Create – Convert – Track

Assess what you are doing right now. Know YOUR numbers!!

Create a strategy to increase each profit accelerator.

Focus on Conversions: convert, convert, convert! It is all about conversions and increasing your conversions at each profitability accelerator.

Track — know your numbers (again!!) Track what you are doing. Look at your conversion rates and then assess, create, convert and track again. It is a cycle and a system. Keep it moving over and over again.

There are real ways to grow your business!!

When you join Bizology — you have access to the Bizology Core Course and….

the following courses!!

  • The Purpose Project
  • MAPSS – Marketing Action Planning for Strategic Success
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Instagram Ads
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • List Building
  • The Landing Page Strategy

But YOU need to be, YOU have to be — STRATEGIC in your thinking and HOW you put into motion — the methods of growth.

For instance — I include courses on Instagram. But Instagram is NOT right for every business. And paid advertising might be the answer for you right now. Strategic means thinking through all of the pieces and not just doing stuff to LOOK like you are doing marketing.

It will NOT work!!

I call that HOPE MARKETING and it just is not as effective as strategic marketing. Do things that have an impact on your profits. There are 8 Profitability ACCELERATORS! Focus your strategies on these 8 key areas. These are the keys to increasing your profits.

In Bizology.Biz — my goals is to give you the framework and the system so that your strategies work for you.

When you join Bizology.Biz — you have choices, so that it works well for you.

Bizology offers 3 LEVELS of support!!

Bizology Core

Bizology course plus all of the add on courses!!

Inside of Bizology.Biz — there are workbooks, video lessons, guidebooks, checklists and more!! You can go it alone with just access to the membership area or you can join me bi-weekly for Profitability Accelerator calls. Or you can add on individual, focused, one-on-one coaching to it all. So, you choose the right level of support for you.

Included with Bizology CORE is our courses on many marketing tactics

Bizology Group

business growth

Bizology Core + Group Coaching

The bi-weekly calls are each focused on ONE of the Profitability Accelerators and strategizing for each business how to implement. The first of the profitability accelerators, for instance is TRAFFIC. Every business needs traffic. It can be foot traffic or web traffic, but new potential buyers are the life of a business.

During the TRAFFIC call, we talk about strategies for bringing in more traffic. If your business is a restaurant, that strategy is going to be different from an online shop. The online shop will be different from an online information business. That is the value of the calls. Brainstorming and hearing what other people are doing in their businesses and figuring out the RIGHT strategy for YOUR business!!

So, twice per month we cover a different Profitability Accelerator!!

That means that every 14 weeks we have covered each of the profitability accelerators and you (if you do the work) have potentially increased your profits by a significant amount…. typically nearly double what they were.

Profitability Accelerator calls are group calls that you have access to every two weeks! We kick off with a talking about a specific Profitability Accelerator and strategies that could be used to increase the conversion of that particular accelerator.

Twice per month we hope on the phone for Make it Happen calls

Make it Happen calls are all about YOU! What you said you were going to do and what you did! It is YOUR chance to get feedback, input, ideas, and then you go and Make it Happen!!

Bizology ONE

Bizology Core + Group + ONE on ONE Coaching

One on One coaching focuses solely on YOUR business!! We dive deep. We do a complete assessment of your business — where you are right now, and where you want to go! Then we work together to create a strategy.

As a coach, I totally believe in the power of coaching. I have witnessed it’s power as a coach and as a client! I have found great value in working with a coach myself. So, that is always an option as well.

I work with you once or twice per month individually. You can jump on all of the Profitability Accelerator calls and the Make it Happen calls. Together, we work on your specific strategies and create a powerful plan for growing YOUR business. And at the same time, you have access to all of the materials within Bizology Core and the power of the group.

Pick the plan that is right for you and your business growth!

You cannot afford to waste time on every social media platform, WITHOUT a good reason and a great strategy. There has to be an ROI and it has to impact one of the 8 Profitability Accelerators.

There are really just eight factors that can impact your business’ profitability. EIGHT!! If you are NOT focused on these factors — that I call accelerators, implementing strategies that impact those numbers, then you are just spinning your wheels (or pedals!).

Just want the course, that’s fine!

Want to jump on the bi-weekly Profitability Accelerator calls and the bi-weekly Make it Happen calls, cool!!

Want one-on-one coaching — I’ve got you!!

Bizology is designed to give you the training, resources, ideas, and support to grow your business! You choose the level of support that works for YOU!!

Choose what works for you!!

With Bizology you are investing in your future. You are taking action to GROW your business and understand HOW to consistently improve your outcomes!

No business owner should have to go it alone. Heck, it gets lonely. When you join Bizology GROUP, you gain an entire group of other business owners committed to growing their business. They become like an advisory board or peer board. They are there to focus on their business, but they also help you with ideas, feedback, strategies. It is always amazing how one idea can transform a business.

Of all the choices — GROUP is my favorite! I see great power in the group coming together, whether it is just a couple of people that show up or many. Everyone has something to offer and everyone has something to learn!