Bizology is coming Back for Business Growth!

Years ago, I wrote a business growth program called Bizology.Biz

business growth

And now, it is being updated, added to and spruced up!! And it is coming back!

Sometimes it is the right thing, to leave something and let it go. But every time I look at Bizology, it still has value, still has core foundations that still work and make sense.

So, this pandemic has been one of rebuilding and reflecting and bringing up to speed.

I’ve added the Profitability system and that too has expanded. Up from 5 steps to profits to 8 profitability accelerators. That’s 8 areas to focus on to increase your profits.

The additional profitability accelerators give you more data and more info about how you can work to increase profits.

A Profitability Accelerator is really a data point in your business, ie, the number of people that come into your store. Each data point can be tracked and focused on to increase profits. When you have this type of focus you can significantly increase profits.

With Bizology GROUP Membership we focus every other week on a different Profitability Accelerator. Between these weeks we host a Make it Happen call to talk about HOW you are implementing it in your business!!

The goal is to increase each profitability accelerator by 10%. The impact on your business is totally crazy.

Check it out:

How can you add profits to your business?

Be sure you have picked up the Visionary Womenpreneurs Field Guide and check out the Bizology Membership options!!

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