Blog or Website?

Which to Choose?

Creating your web presence in business is now essential.  But which format should you choose?  I have had my website for about 5 years now.  It has moved around from web designer to me to blog.  I personally like having control of my site and the updates that go on it.  I like to be able to add to it when it is right for me.  When working with a web designer you often are working on their schedule.

But the BIG question is which format should you choose.  I recommend to all of my clients now to choose a blogsite.  Let’s talk about the reasons for this.

  • Flexibility:  You can easily add content; you can work with a designer or virtual assistant to add content.
  • Look and Feel: There are thousands of blog templates available and you can easily change the look and feel of your site.
  • Integration:  Your blog integrates more easily with all of the social networking sites.  For instance, I am writing this post which will automatically be “tweeted” to my Twitter account.  I can also add a link easily to which will add it my LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.  With the rise and rage of social networking sites this is a real plus.
  • Ease of use: You can easily master blogging and add your own content.
  • Optimization:  Because you can easily add content to your blog it optimizes on the Internet more easily and with less effort.  Fresh content is part of the optimization plan.  Blogs are more easily updated with fresh content.
  • Functionality:  Blogs offer hundreds of “Plugin’s”  These offer a variety of different functions that give your blog more character and functionality.  For instance, I recently added Amazon to my blog.  Now with each post and page related book titles are offered for additional reading, through Amazon.  It was easy to set up and works automatically with each post.  You can easily add Plugin’s to your blog to customize it even more, and in ways that help your site.

I recommend using Word Press on your own domain.  WordPress is user friendly and can be intalled on most hosting accounts with great ease.

You can search through their templates and find the template (look and feel) that fits your business.  Or you can have a template custom made for you.  Many of the designers that offer their templates through WordPress are glad to help you customize one of their designs.  They are typically easy to work with and reasonably priced.

If you want help setting up your blog, email me today and I will get it set up and show you how to use.  I set up blogs, installed on your hosting account, and with template uploaded for a very reasonable rate of $350. US.  Email me today.

Newsletters: They are Still Working!

Title: Newsletters: They are Still Working!
Location: Tele-Class
Link out: Click here
Description: Join me as I talk with LisaMarie Dias about Newsletters and their effectiveness as part of your marketing plan. Newsletters are still working and email newsletters are the most cost effective approach.
Start Time: 8:00 PM EST
Date: 2009-06-23
End Time: 9:00 PM EST

Are You Building Relationships With Your Marketing?

Business is all about relationships.  They are at the heart of marketing as well.  Strategically using relationship marketing is about building strong, long term relationships with your current clients and companies.  By having this type of focus you are increasing your business but not solely by seeking new clients or customers.  Relationship marketing improves your exisiting relationships. You assess the needs of individual customers and meet those needs, in fact -over-deliver.

The components of an effective relationship marketing strategy include: marketing; special sales; customer care/appreciation; communication and special events. These approaches improve the relationship and increase its longevity.  The client/customer realizes the value of the business relationship and they remain active and increase their loyalty. Relationship marketing focuses both on building a new relationship but also on retention.

Marketing research indicates that the cost of retaining an existing customer is ten percent of the cost of obtaining a new customer. This is why relationship marketing makes sense for business owners.  As much as eighty five percent of profit may be attributable to customer retention according to another study.  High costs are incurred when marketing to new customers and obtaining them as customers.  If you are able to retain an adequate number of your current customers you decrease your need for new customers.  This isn’t to say that you want to totally give up your marketing to new clients/customers.

When you gain customer trust, the chances of that customer moving to another company is significantly reduced.

Your costs are reduced in addition to your marketing dollars as the customers are already familiar with your processes.  You don’t have to spend time teaching them as they have already learned.   This reduces your staff time and improves their job satisfaction as well.  Imagine, regular, friendly customers using your service or product over and over.  Your staffs are familiar with them and they become familiar with your staff.  It is in this process and exchange that good (great) customer service is provided.  Customer service is a key in your relationship marketing strategy.

The goals of relationship marketing are to build long lasting relationships with your current and existing clients, increasing their commitment to you and your business.  Additional benefits are achieved through your strategy and these further build the business.

Learn more marketing strategies for entrepreneurs with Bizology.Biz


I just spent the past two days with an incredible group of people.  They are my mastermind group and I hope to introduce you to many of them over the next few weeks and months.  They each are building incredible businesses and helping me to do the same.

Masterminding is an incredible experience.  You learn so much about yourself, where you need to challenge yourself, how other people see you and so much more!!  You also learn from other people and their successes, challenges, ideas…..

I have come home in the “flow” and I have many, many ideas.

One thing that was exciting was everyone’s excitement about Bizology.Biz — people are interested in accesing it for themselves, their clients and sharing with their lists.  kI am excited becase the more I work with Bizology.Biz, the more I see it’s values.  In fact, I use the lessons myself and get myself back on track with them, or refocus or create a new PR calendar…..Take a look yourself and see if there are ways that you can use it personally for your business or partner with me in a JV partnership. 

Over the next few days and weeks I will be making some changes, adding new opportunities and changing pricing — especially on the Entrepreneur’s VIP Coaching program.  

I am excited and want to share with you how to get into the “flow” of positive energy — creative energy and stay there.

Let’s talk — sign up today for a laser coaching session!!


Beyond a Good Cause

I just spent a couple of days with Terri Levine, author of Sell Without Selling and many other books and products.  She is working hard to raise money or Tabitha.  Read Tabitha’s story below.  I am buying books for kmany of my contacts and then will do a special tele-seminar about the book.  Please join me in buying books for your contacts and helping raise much needed money for Tabitha.

Imagine pain so severe the breeze of someone walking by causing excruciating pain so intense its as if someone just lit you on fire, the vibration of a vacuum cleaner shooting through you like knives, or muscle spasms so strong your body shakes uncontrollably. Imagine not being able to roll yourself over or sit up without help, not being able to swallow, waking up blind, or trying not to breathe because it causes too much pain. Being stuck in bed, feeling so isolated and alone, while life passes by and everyone you once knew moving with it, leaving you behind.


     This is the life, Tabitha, has been living for the past 11 years due to Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).  Tabitha leaves quite an impression on everyone she meets. Her personality and positive attitude has helped her stay strong through her brave battle. RSD has stolen Tabitha’s life, but there is hope for some relief with a ketamine-induced coma, an experimental treatment being done in Germany and Mexico.


      Never in a million years did Tabitha’s mother think that she would have to remind her daughter to breathe in order for her to get through the  endless days and nights of agonizing pain. Tabitha’s ordeal began when she was 11 years old and dislocated her left knee while playing softball. Her knee continued to dislocate over the next 3 years and she had 3 surgeries to try to correct it. The pain continued and no one knew why. They thought that once her knee was working right that the pain would go away, but instead it increased and spread throughout both legs. She spent more time using crutches, canes, arm crutches, walkers, and a wheelchair than she did walking. For the past few years she has been unable to put any weight on her legs and confined to a wheelchair.


     RSD has invaded Tabitha’s body, stealing her life away bit by bit. She has bravely tried so many things to get any amount of relief, including spinal nerve blocks, acupuncture, ultrasounds, chiropractic care, electronic stimulation, and too many medications to count. Most of her young adolescent life was spent in physical therapy, including an inpatient RSD program that lasted almost 6 months combining strenuous physical, occupational, aquatic, and music therapies for 8 hours everyday. She has had to relearn how to walk more times than her family can remember.


     The pain quickly took over her entire body and she now throws up for weeks at a time, causing dehydration, and has seizures when the pain increases past her tolerance point. The nerves in her face and throat are affected by the RSD, which causes difficulty seeing, eating, swallowing, and speaking. She feels like she is being stabbed when anything, even something as soft as a blanket, touches her. This extreme skin sensitivity is one of the symptoms called allodynia. The RSD has also temporarily paralyzed her left side in the past and caused periods of short term blindness.


     Tabitha loves animals and she is now unable to care for her pets, even spending time with them is hard for her. She can only sit up for short periods of time limiting what she can do. Her muscles spasms cause her to shake severely making it impossible to do things like drawing. Tabitha is a wonderful artist, she loves to make clothes and jewelry, but soon after she starts her hands begin to hurt so badly that they twist inward and she is unable to use them. This is heartbreaking for her.


    Once her pain is gone, Tabitha hopes to walk and do all of the things she has been missing out on.


   There is only ONE possible solution for Tabitha and one that needs to happen fast and one her family can not afford.


   Ketamine is one of the most effective ways to treat RSD, but also one of the most controversial. In the beginning it was known for causing horrible hallucinations, along with other side effects, which has given it a bad reputation. Along the way they have made progress in their research with different combinations of drugs to counter act the side effects and the future of ketamine use looks promising. It is still a very experimental treatment and further research is needed. It may not be a cure yet but some have found relief where nothing else has helped. Those who suffer from RSD understand the risks and are willing to take a chance at gaining control over their pain. Next


     The U.S FDA has approved ketamine to be used as an anesthetic and the high dose coma has been okayed for up to 2 days. That is not enough time for the coma to be successful for the more severe cases of RSD, so people are traveling to Germany and more recently Mexico, where the ketamine coma is being allowed for 5-10 days, which researchers have found to be the most beneficial. Absolutely none of the expenses are covered by insurance.


     Ketamine seems to be helping because it prevents the brain from processing pain signals) Dr. Schwartzman is the professor and chairman of Neurology at Drexel University Hospital and has been studying RSD for over 30 years. He has treated over 4,000 RSD patients, and is working closely with the doctors in Germany and Mexico, who do the coma treatments. He describes the ketamine coma as if you are unplugging and resetting a computer. By shutting the body down you are giving it time to reset the nerves, brain, and spinal chord, which interrupts the pain signals and hopefully will put everything back to normal. While not everyone comes out of the coma completely pain free, about 30-40% do, and all of the patients have had at least some relief. After completing the coma, patients receive booster treatments to keep the ketamine in their system. 

      I appeal to your heart and your generous spirit to help this beautiful young girl.  I am sharing a picture of her prior to this horrible disease.


      Right this minute you can grab copies of my book Sell Without Selling: Lessons from The Jungle for Sales Success and when you do so 100% of each copy will be donated to help Tabitha get the treatment she needs in Germany and I will also match 100% each book purchased 100%.  This is a great way to help Tabitha and for you to get valuable books for Tabitha – please be generous… get a bunch!  Use them a gifts, giveaways, for your own back of the room sales – please, please be generous and let’s help Tabitha and make a difference together.



Please go here now and help make a difference to this special young person:


Thanks for supporting this !!!


Your MSI Mindset

Are you thinking about how to create multiple streams of income in your business? One of the things that I am doing is looking at how I can integrate other services and tools into my business that also create a new stream of revenue. I have multiple streams of income in my business naturally. I use speaking, coaching, affiliate marketing, products – books, programs and audio programs. But I am also looking at direct selling companies that augment what I already do. I love Send Out Cards.  It has provided my busines with a valuable tool for building success, staying in touch and continuously following up with people.  People are always impressed with the cards and keep them on their desks, offices, because they are fun, unique and heartfelt.  But what I also like about Send Out Cards is that it creates a new stream of revenue for the business.  I am able to help other people to build revenue into their businesses. 

As a coach, I look at, how can different tools fit into different companies.  I see all sorts of possibilities for companies.  There are some incredible companies out there that can really help business owners create new streams of revenue AND at the same time provide them with some incredible training oppportunies.

Have you considered how you can add additional revenue into your company?  Call me and we can talk about how different tools might be a good fit for you and your company.

It really comes down to mind set and thinking differently about your business and how it can generate money for you and your family.  For me, we are looking to create streams of revenue that are truly passive in that they keep working even if we are out on a bike ride or on vacation.  We know that as business owners we are often at the center of our businesses.  I have found with my new Multiple Streams of Income Mindset, that I am looking at and thinking about my business differently, and I think that the benefit is going to be incredible.  I think that it can incredible for you too.

Focusing on Your Own Personal Development: Take the Time


Do you ever wish you were someone else or somewhere else? Sometimes it happens that we get all wrapped up in our own doubts, fears and insecurities; that inner voice that nags at us and doesn’t say the nicest things. Do you ever feel that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence?  It might look like someone else is doing better, feeling better, more successful that you.  The reality is that many people, perhaps most people are having a similar experience and perhaps are more scared than you.


Focusing energy on your own personal development is a key to being truly satisfied with you.  Taking a dedicated amount of time each day and focusing that time on you can be the greatest gift you give to yourself.


The Internet offers a wealth of self development and self improvement opportunities.  There is a wealth of information available.  I use a system of self improvement that incorporates reading, audio and video programs on topics ranging from wealth and prosperity; to marketing; to self esteem, motivation and mindset. Learning and self development is part of a self development plan.  The next part is incorporating that learning into life.  With any educational program you have to sort through what is meaningful and what is not, for you.


The first step to self improvement is self love. It is perhaps the hardest love to achieve.  Whitney Houston has a song “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.” It’s so true. Loving yourself gives you the ability to really love others.  It is hard to give what you do not have, yet people believe that they can love others without truly loving themselves.


Modeling self love and personal development are more powerful than telling people “they ought to”.  Their observation of your practices of personal development can model for them how to achieve similar success.  Self improvement makes us better people, we can then inspire other people, and then the rest of the world will follow.


What areas of your life would you like to improve upon? Are there areas of personal development that you would benefit from? 


Take a moment and create your personal development plan.  A plan you say?  Yes, a plan.  A personal development plan increases your commitment.  But you are also working to change patterns of behavior and habits.  This does not come easily.  A dedicated plan can assist you in doing this.  Start with 15 minutes a day of focused personal development time.  Choose your daily topic and take the time to read, listen, watch, participate in a personal development activity.  Then take 15 minutes to integrate what you have learned.  The effect of focused personal development only impacts your life when you integrate your new learning into your daily practices.  It is just a learning event or training event and then it is over.  Where to start?  Start with self love.


One of the programs that I am participating in for my personal development is Success University.  What is incredible about this program is the volume of resources that it offers AND the additional revenue that it provides to my family income.  Right now they are offering an incredible program as they are adding World Ventures in just a few days.  Check out the site, the 14 day free trial and see what you can do to benefit your personal development and your income at the same time.


If you have questions — give me a call and I will gladly share with you what I have found extraordinary about this program.

Your Spring Business Check Up

Spring Business Check Up
Donna Price
Provided by:  Donna Price

Whether you’re thinking it’s Spring Cleaning Time or time for an annual checkup, your business needs to undergo a checkup each year.  No matter how large or small your business is, you cannot gauge the effectiveness of any changes you’ve made without analyzing the benefits and bottom line.

Here are 10 questions to get you started:

1. How do your year-to-date sales compare to the last couple of years? Don’t be satisfied if you managed to match them because if sales stayed the same then you’ve achieved zero growth.  With inflation, this flat growth line is a warning sign for more trouble down the road.
2. What percentage of your business is from repeat customers? This is important to know because if it’s too low, then it needs to be improved.  The estimated cost of getting a new customer versus retaining an existing one can be as much as five to one in terms of dollars spent.  Keeping customers is more cost-effective than constantly seeking new ones.
3. How long has it been since you offered a new product or service?  Loyal customers like to see you changing and progressing with the times.  If you’re stuck for an idea, ask your customers what they need.
4. Do you consider marketing and advertising expenses or investments?  How you look at the money spent in these areas affects your willingness to spend money at all.  Would you look at prescriptions as a waste of money?  Marketing is really investing in you, your vision, and your company.  The old adage that you must spend money to make money is true, but you must spend it wisely.  Spend it on ads that are pulling responses and orders, and if they’re not maybe you need to change publications.
5. Do you know what PR is and how to use it to positively position your business in the media?  I’ll bet that at least one of your competitors does.  Nearly every mention of a company or business in the newspapers and magazines is a direct result of publicity efforts.  Being quoted or featured in an article speaks volumes to your clients and readers who are your potential prospects.  A good PR consultant can do that for you and show you ways to extend the shelf life of that article beyond its publication.  (Very soon my special report and Press Release lesson from Bizology.Biz will be available for purchase individually).
6. Are you listed in the yellow pages?  If you only have a line listing, consider including a small ad in the yellow pages.  If you can afford it, it could pay dividends throughout the year.  Even just adding bold to your name can help you to stand out.
7. Do you treat your regular customers better than your drop-ins?  You should.  If your customers don’t feel special when coming to you for products of services, why should they remain loyal to you?  Have a customer appreciation day or a special invitation only sale for your regulars.  Create a mailing list of your regulars.  Send occasional post cards or greeting cards for special events or just to keep in touch. ( I use Send Out Cards for this, it has helped me to keep in touch with clients and prospects, visit my site to learn more: Entrepreneur’s VIP Coaching: Business Tools
Learn to recognize them on sight and greet them by name when they visit you.
8. How long has it been since you really talked to one of your customers?  Just as you appreciate when your Doctor takes time to talk to you, your customers will appreciate you if you take an interest in their needs.  If you have a service business, have lunch or coffee periodically with some regulars – even if they only contact you once or twice a year.  The personal touch in an impersonal world will be remembered.
9. How is your business doing compared to your competition?  Every company, no matter what the size, has competition – even home-based businesses.  Is their business growing or downsizing? Is their pricing or service better than yours?  If so, what can you tell potential customers about the price difference?  Think about how you can improve your service to meet or exceed your customer’s expectations.
10. Are your employees happy?  Don’t ask them directly, but observe them throughout the day.  Watch, listen and learn.  Employees who like their jobs don’t watch the clock for quitting time, aren’t habitually late, don’t have poor body language, don’t spend time on personal phone calls, and don’t look like they never smiled.  Observe how they interact with customers.  Not everyone is a match for direct contact with the public, so make sure you don’t have an employee who is driving business away.

I can remember when I was working at my very first job out of school.  It was a service business with just the owner and me at work.  There was direct contact with the clients, and there was never a problem with smiling when talking face to face with them.  I was given the best business tip of my life by that employer, when he pointed out to me that when talking to clients on the telephone I should smile too.  For some unexplainable reason, when you smile as you talk on the phone, the exchange with the client becomes more pleasant and more productive.  It’s as if that smile went right through the phone wires to the person to whom you’re talking.

The Most Effective Marketing Strategies — Revealed!

The accomplishment and the growth in the business world completely require that a business entrepreneur must be able to set out efficient visions and marketing strategies that are in accordance to the business plans and operational plans. Effectively plotting the direction and marketing ideas of any business company can create a milestone.

Marketing strategies are important elements in the business development. Any business entrepreneur– big or small should not undervalue the task of selling the business because it serves as a skeleton in providing a starting point in the business construction.

Business marketing strategies can become a well thrilled system plan. It provides a solid theoretical and practical approach in the business. To ensure the development of specific objectives and plans, you need to make a difference when doing and planning the marketing strategies of the business.

The following guidelines should be noted in the creation of any marketing strategy:

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Ask yourself, “Where do you want your business to go a year from now or few years more from now?” You must have a comprehensible portrait of what your business would become. The idea of marketing lies in the way you examine your business development. It tells about the future of any small business getting closer to the realities of making it into a superior and a stronger business company.

Study your business carefully. Marketing is all about boasting the performance of your business. How is its performance? Is it performing pretty well since it was created? Is it challenged? If so, what are the challenges your business has faced and what did you do to overcome these challenges? These questions can be of great help to the development of your marketing strategies. Once you study the history of your business performance, there is a great possibility that you can reach the “softer side” of the target market.

Be sensible about the analysis of where you are now and the kind of presentation your business is doing lately. Examine your business output. The marketing strategy you should use must have different varieties so that if the first option won’t work, you always have a second, third, or fourth option.

Now, visualize the future of your business. After productively laying out the history and present status of your business, you can now put together your objectives for the future. Your goals must really help your business become much improved than it used to be. If you already have your visions, then set the things that you should do to keep that vision living.

Finally, you should combine action to your ideas. Marketing is a demanding process. It is an activity that requires proper assessment of the things that happened, are happening and will happen. Always incorporate changes. After all, change is the only constant thing in the world. If you want your business to be constantly developing, modify for the better. Develop a business marketing strategy that would assure you of a jumpstart in your business history.


Thank you, Linda!!
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